A view from a hill in Ritsurin Garden by 663highland via Wikipedia CC
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Top 15 Best Things to Do in Takamatsu, Japan

What are the top tourist spots in Takamatsu?

Bucket List: Best Activities and Amazing Places to Visit in Takamatsu, Japan

Takamatsu is host to fascinating museums, historical attractions, beautiful landscapes, and delicious food. There’s something here for any curious traveler. This shortlist complies with just 15 of the best things you can do while visiting this exciting city.

Visit the Takamatsu City Museum of Art

Takamatsu Art Museum photo via art-takamatsu.com
Takamatsu Art Museum photo via art-takamatsu.com

A visit to Takamatsu is a great opportunity to view the amazing works of some very talented people from all over Japan.

You can also find a rotation of temporary exhibits throughout the year from international museums. But the best time to make a visit is during the Setouchi Triennale art festival when there are additional pieces on display.

Sample some Udon

Udon Noodle Soup
Udon Noodle Soup photo via Depositphotos

These chewy noodles are very popular throughout Japan and especially in Takamatsu. Many restaurants in the area will serve them in a variety of ways.

You can opt to have them cold or hot, with fish, with shrimp or with meat! Any way you choose to have them is sure to be delicious.

Explore Ritsurin Koen

A view from a hill in Ritsurin Garden by 663highland via Wikipedia CC
A view from a hill in Ritsurin Garden By 663highland – Own work, CC BY 2.5, CC

The Ritsurin Garden is an outstandingly landscaped Japanese-style park. It is viewed as one of the most beautiful historical gardens in Japan.

This picturesque park provides the perfect photo opportunities as you take a leisurely stroll or participate in traditional tea ceremonies in the many tea houses found here.

Tour Through the Shikoku Mura Village

Shikoku Mura Village by 663highland via Wikipedia CC
Shikoku Mura Village By 663highland – Own work, CC BY 2.5, CC

This excellent tourist attraction is an open-air museum where you can find some highly interesting, culturally important articles from the region’s history.

In addition to some exhibited art pieces, some interactive activities in some areas of the museum allow tourists to catch a glimpse of Japanese life from centuries ago.

Spend time at Ogijima Island

Ogijima Island Lighthouse via Wikipedia CC
Ogijima Island Lighthouse By ??? – Own work (?????), Public Domain, CC

Ogijima Island provides a great escape from the busy city. This small island is home to a charming little village and one famous little lighthouse.

The best time to visit is during the Setouchi Triennale art festival, though you may take photos of some permanent exhibits found throughout the island for the rest of the year.

Spend some Yen at Takamatsu Marugamemachi Shopping Street

This enormous shopping center is a trendy spot for both tourists and locals. You can spend all day browsing through its many shops for almost anything, from souvenirs to clothes and kitchenware to fresh produce.

Then when you need to catch a break, this mall also offers various cafes and restaurants.

Adventure through Onigashima Cave

Onigashima Cave by Samurai Tours FB
Onigashima Cave by Samurai Tours FB

This cave is the foretold home of demons in a well-known Japanese folktale of a boy’s quest to slay an oni (Japanese for demon). To get to this famous site, you’ll have to take a ferry from the Takamatsu Port to reach the island, but touring through the cave will prove to be quite an enjoyable adventure for both adults and kids.

Make sure to watch out for the actual oni statue waiting at the island’s peak!

Hop on a train to Yashima

Yashima-ji by Reggaeman via Wikipedia CC
Yashima-ji By Reggaeman – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Only ten minutes away from Takamatsu, the island of Yashima is one of the more popular destinations. You can hike or catch a bus up the mountain to the observatory, which provides you with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area.

You can also find the Yashima Aquarium and some great historic temples on the island.

See the city from the Takamatsu Symbol Tower.

Takamatsu Symbol Tower by 663highland via Wikipedia CC
Takamatsu Symbol Tower By 663highland at Japanese Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5, CC

Known as the tallest building in the region, this impressive tower offers tourists an observation deck with clear views of the Takamatsu harbor and the sea. It may attract lots of visitors, but the views are simply worth it.

This establishment also houses a variety of shops and restaurants on its many floors.

Go sightseeing at Megijima Island.

Contemporary art on Megijima via Wikipedia CC
Contemporary art on By ????? – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Found right nearby Ogijima, this larger island is also home to the Onigashima Cave. This island is great for sightseeing, and you’ll need a full day to appreciate its beauty.

A quick trip up to the mountaintop park will show you spectacular views of the surrounding islands and the sea. It’s also known as a great summer spot due to its clean and sandy beaches.

Drop by the Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum photo via Wikipedia CC
The Noguchi Museum By This photo was taken by participant/team Wikist_aces as part of the Commons: Wikis Take Manhattan project on October 4, 2008. CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

This museum was once the site for the workshop of famous Japanese artist Isamu Noguchi. As an artist, landscape designer, and sculptor, the Noguchi Museum is full of his works.

A tour will guide you through his actual workshop and his home, which features traditional Japanese style and aesthetics.

Stop at Tamamo Park

Tamamo Park by Jamie Barras via Flickr CC
Tamamo Park by Jamie Barras via Flickr CC

The prime time to be at this park is during the springtime when all the cherry blossom trees in the area are in full bloom. This only happens for a short time in April, so be sure to catch this rare Japanese experience.

But for the year this park is still a great destination with its peaceful atmosphere and calm scenery.

Check out the Takamatsu Castle

Takamatsu Castle photo via Wikipedia CC
Takamatsu Castle photo By ?????? – ?????? (talk) 08:13, 20 March 2010 (UTC), Public Domain, CC

Located in Tamano Park, the Takamatsu Castle ruin is one of Japan’s famous seaside castles. Although it has accumulated some wear and tear over the past centuries, this historic landmark has lately been in the process of restoration and is still quite beautiful.

Be sure to snap some pictures of this piece of Japanese history!

Visit the Kagawa Museum

Kagawa Museum by 663highland via Wikipedia CC
Kagawa Museum By 663highland, CC BY 2.5, CC

This museum is another must-see destination. It offers visitors a great chance to learn a little more about the history of Kagawa and Takamatsu. Its collection of art exhibits and galleries tells the story of the region.

From old weaponry to some fascinating artifacts, this is a great attraction for foreign and local visitors.

Relax at Gyoki no Yu

After a long day of touring through the city, a quick stop at Gyoki-no-Yu is the perfect way to wind down and relax. Known for being the oldest hot spring establishment in the region, this humble resort has open-air baths, indoor saunas, calming foot baths, and serene views of the nature surrounding the area.

If you’re looking to take a break from Japan’s busier cities, a trip to Takamatsu is a truly unique way to experience the country. This city is a more calm and serene alternative to Japan’s bustling concrete jungles, and you wouldn’t regret visiting.

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