Basic Food Photography Tips for Food Bloggers

Food Photography Tips and Tricks


Tips for taking great food photos

Many people love food, and more and more foodies are now starting their own food blogs because they think, “Hey, I love food… I know something about it, and I want to share my recipes.” And yet, when you look around – how many food blogs do you see that are really, really good! Not a lot, right?

Macaron Food Photography Tips
Macaron Food Photography Tips

In my opinion, the reason for that is that even if people know great food and have great things to write about food, most start-up food bloggers have no idea just how important food photography is.

Even if they understand the importance, they may not have the techniques or skills to make their blog posts look delicious. Keep in mind that Food photography really is the key.

Food Styling

To get good food photos, you need more than just a camera. The truth is that you need multiple people with multiple skills. An amazing chef comes first, but after that, you actually need a food stylist to set up the food for the shots. Marketing a great dish or product isn’t as easy as cooking and snapping – there is an art to it.

Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger

How important is it? Well – it’s been proven that restaurants that use quality photos in their menus sell more food. That alone should convince you…but you don’t want to hire a food stylist, right? Here are a few tips to turn you into your own food stylist.

First of all – preparation. Use only the most beautiful ingredients. Ensure the steak is shaped well, pick the lushest tomatoes, and if you need crisper lettuce – soak it in glycerine.

If that sounds like cheating – well, come to think of it, it might be – but that’s why the food on the fast-food menu always looks more delicious than what you are served. Those perfect steak grill marks? They’re burned on with a blowtorch and a piece of wire!

Don’t be afraid to make several portions. One is bound to look better than the others. And while you are at it, make sure you use props.

Those colorful herbs to the side or that fresh fish on the counter make your photo more interesting. A plate of cherries behind your bowl of yogurt adds a wonderful and delicious looking contrast.

Look at the details of your composition. Make it exciting… Seductive… Flavorgasmic!!

Why Good Lighting Matters


Probably the biggest mistake in food photography is bad lighting. Most of the food photos you will see in this blog only used available light. In fact, I took most of it outdoor or in a table right next to the restaurant window.

Light creates mood, and even when you are taking a picture of food, make sure your white balance, depth, and shadows are working to your advantage.

Use substitutes to set up the lighting before the food is ready so that you can take a picture of it when it comes out of the kitchen.

Flatlay food photography
Flatlay food photography

Before you eat.

Finally, make sure that you are ready for the shoot when the food appears. If you are doing a restaurant review, ensure that you are sitting in a place with great lighting and ensuring your equipment is ready to go when the food appears.

One final thing – don’t forget to take a picture before you dive into that delicious meal!

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