Things that are Good to Know if you Plan to Eat Out

Planning a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant? Maybe a fun morning with a loved one, away from home, which includes a tasty breakfast and a matinee? Or do you feel like going Asian for the day, treating yourself with some delicious sushi? There are some things you need to know before you leave – things that might upset your stomach a bit. Here we go.

1. Well done steaks are a thing to avoid


Aside from the fact that if you order a steak “well done”, your “restaurant rep” will instantly fall to the rock bottom (most people consider well-done steaks to be a crime against meat altogether), if you order such a dish chances are you will end up with a piece of meat borderline unfit for human consumption. According to American chef, author and TV personality Anthony Bourdain, well-done steaks are hardly ever made of fresh pieces of meat, but rather of a “tough, slightly skanky end-cut of sirloin that’s been repeatedly pushed to the end of the pile”. Chefs hate to make well-done steaks – they consider it a lower class of the culinary art anyway. And if some “rube” (that’s Bourdain’s word for someone who orders a steak well done) prefers a charred, flavorless, leathery hunk of carbon, that’s what the rube gets. Renowned chef Grant Achatz gives some handy tips for cooking great steak at home in this article.

2. Morning movies with leftovers


The shaky financial situation of the movie theater industry, when piracy has driven loads of moviegoers away, movie theaters save however they can. Even when it comes to popcorn. According to the confessions of a former employee – unnamed, of course – the popcorn served to the attendance of the first movie of the day is far from being freshly made. The staff routinely saves last night’s leftovers (sometimes in trash bags) and re-heats them in the morning, selling it as fresh…

3. Sushi limbo


Beautifully wrapped pieces of colorful fish, bright white rice, tasty vegetables, and exotic sauces to dip them into – this is what sushi is all about. But mind the fish – it might not be just what the label says. According to a recent review of over 100 sushi restaurants in the US, fish is labeled incorrectly in almost 85% of the cases. Hamachi – the tasty Japanese amberjack or yellowtail, frequently used in sushi – was mislabeled almost 100% of the times. That should make you think twice…

Nevertheless, sushi is incredibly popular around the world and has provided inspiration for all fields, including gaming. One such instance comes to mind – the So Much Sushi online slot, a fun sushi-inspired Microgaming slot. This is a far safer way to enjoy sushi because eating sushi can be toxic to your health. In fact, did you know that the varieties of fish used instead of the ones on the labels can be either cheaper, or overfished, or plain dangerous to consume – especially raw?

And don’t think salmon is an exception – farmed salmon is fed with coloring and can contain up to 16 dangerous toxins in its flesh (which, by the way, is not pink in its natural state).

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