Wake Up And Jumpstart Your Day With The New Breakfast Options At Starbucks

Spinach Fritata

New Breakfast Options At Starbucks

(Manila, Philippines) When you have a busy morning, it is easy to let breakfast fall low on your long list of priorities. But taking even just a few minutes to have something to eat can make a big difference to your day. If you don’t have time to eat before you leave the house, you can quickly grab and try the new breakfast options at Starbucks.

Berry Chia Overnight Oats - New Breakfast Options At Starbucks
Berry Chia Overnight OatsNew Breakfast Options At Starbucks –

To make your breakfast more exciting, Starbucks Philippines introduces new breakfast options made from flavorful ingredients and creates a craveable combination that pairs perfectly with your favorite coffee or tea. This new breakfast menu is one of the worthy reasons for you to hop out of your bed and head to the nearest Starbucks store.

Fruit and Nut Toast
Fruit and Nut Toast

A simple yet wonderful meal that will make your day is the Sous Vide Egg White with Couscous and Quinoa. The eggs are prepared using the French “sous vide” technique which results in a velvety texture and a myriad of flavors in every bite. A mixture of couscous, quinoa, and vegetables are served on the side to bring an extra boost to fuel your day.

Soud Vide Egg White with Couscous and Quinoa
Soud Vide Egg White with Couscous and Quinoa

Another refreshing breakfast choice is the Berry Chia Overnight Oats. It is packed with vitamins, fiber, and nutrients. It is made of a unique mix of almonds, berries, chia seeds, pistachio, Greek yogurt, whole milk, and rolled oats.

If you want a protein-rich meal to jumpstart your day, grab the Spinach Mushroom Frittata. Cheese, mushroom, spinach, and egg whites are brought together to give you a tasty start in the morning.

Spinach Fritata
Spinach Fritata

For a simple yet filling choice, try the Fruit and Nut Toast. This coffeehouse classic is baked with apples, sweet dried berries, orange peel, flavourful nuts, and whole grains. This breakfast staple tastes even better with jam and butter.

To know more about the breakfast goodness of Starbucks, visit their website at www.starbucks.ph.

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