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Guest Post by : Anthony Bugler

For those intrepid travellers who live quite literally by the mantra of ‘life’s a beach’, the majestic island of Mallorca, encircled by a pristine periphery of Mediterranean waters, has more sand and sun than you could shake a stick of rock at. With a tantalisingly tropical climate and sprawling stretches of coastline, a beach is never more than a literal stone’s throw away, meaning that sunbathers, swimmers and water sports addicts alike will all have more than enough room on which to enjoy their favourite pastimes.

Cala de Mallorca Cove
Cala de Mallorca Cove

Boasting over two and a half thousand restaurants, Mallorca will satisfy even the pickiest of appetites with its colourful range of exotic cuisine, coupled with plenty of Western favourites that shall prove reassuring to those less adventurous eaters dining out in Mallorca. With a diverse range of hotels and villas dotted liberally around the picturesque island, there are plenty of rooms in Mallorca for over-indulged visitors to take a siesta in between their fiestas.

Activity-wise, there is plenty to do on this exhilarating island; many of its beaches are brimming with water sports fanatics who can enjoy some high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled water-skiing thrills, or relax with some more calm but equally fascinating scuba diving or snorkelling, which allow visitors to explore the vibrant depths of the crystal-clear Mediterranean ocean. Additionally, for the bargain hunting wheelers and dealers among us, the majority of towns in Mallorca hold weekly markets in which visitors may intimately experience the bustling local culture while enjoying a prime opportunity to purchase some exotic local produce.

Mallorca Island in Spain
Mallorca Island in Spain

Perhaps the most appealing feature of Mallorca is its simply stunning natural beauty. With a curious collection of caves and coves dotted around the island and an awe-inspiring array of mountain ranges, the island boasts a beguiling natural charm for intrepid explorers to discover. The Tramuntana mountain range is an idyllic playground on which climbers and bikers can hone their skills while gaining a stunning high-altitude view of the tropical paradise that surrounds them.

When the blazing temperature in Mallorca finally begins to chill, holiday-goers need not follow suit as Mallorca is home to a range of exhilarating nightclubs, with some of the busier resorts boasting an electrifying atmosphere as revellers party long into the night. Meanwhile, for those who do wish to cool off after a long day of fun in the sun, there are countless bars and bistros to wine and dine at amidst a calm, peaceful and family friendly environment.

With so many attractions packed onto one dazzling island, Mallorca is most certainly a corker of a holiday destination.
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