Novice Monk in Myanmar
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The Magnificent Adventures of Myanmar

The Magnificent Adventures of Myanmar

As soon as one enters Myanmar, it is as if one has entered a land where time has stood still. Most famous for its exquisite landscapes and beautiful temples, this country has only recently opened up the avenues of tourism. Many travel experts regard this tiny South Asian country as an ideal spot for adventure.

Hot Air Balloon in Old Bagan
Hot Air Balloon in Myanmar

While many people who arrive spend all their days exploring the gorgeous temples of Yangon, if you are looking to tread the road less travelled, here are a few adventure activities you must consider –

Novice Monk in Myanmar
Novice Monk in Myanmar

Diving with the Moken

Also known as the sea gypsies, this unique tribe of divers residing in Myanmar are famous for the incredible feats they are able to perform under the ocean. Hire a boat and explore the Mergui Archipelago with the Moken. The corals here are like no place else on this planet. This experience is also a great way to interact with this rather unique tribe.

Cycling the Burma Road

Literally going off the beaten track, head to Lashio, located in the northern part of the country which shares the border with China. Home to the famed “Burma Road” this is a great route to consider for cycling enthusiasts. This road is believed to have played an important role in the fight against the Japanese during the WWII.

Balloons over the Bagan

The temples of Old Bagan are an overwhelming site to see even from land. Imagine starting your day and rising with the sun on a hot air balloon to get a bird’s eye view of these exquisite temple complexes. An ideal group adventure activity, this one should simply not be missed when in Myanmar.

Adventures of Myanmar
Hot Air Balloon in Old Bagan – Adventures of Myanmar

The Lost World of Mrauk U

Few people realize how truly picturesque the Rakhine State really is. To be able to get here, you have to fly, sail and even hike. Making your visit worth it is an archeological site comprising over 600 temples and ruins, each one more breathtaking than the other. Its inaccessibility has made it largely untouched by tourists, which makes it perfect for those craving to visit the unexplored. Also, make it a point to explore the Chin Villages where women were traditionally set apart by the tattoos on their faces.

The key to exploring this untouched country is to make sure you create an itinerary that isn’t commercial but personally fulfilling. With The Flash Pack, an innovative group tour company that designs customised adventure tours to Myanmar and a lot of other exotic places, you will be able to get all this and more.

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