Sunrise at Bagan, Myanmar


Sunrise at Bagan

For a travel photographer like me, the first thing I do before I travel is a quick research about the destination. More than just preparing the itinerary itself, one thing I look for online are the most photographed places before researching for possible vantage points. What about Vantage Point? A good vantage point can drastically make your photos unique from the rest of the photos taken from the same place.

Sunrise over ancient Bagan, Myanmar
Sunrise over ancient Bagan, Myanmar

Photography is one of the main reasons why I joined the Myanmar trip with fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers. I must admit, I only decided to join the trip after googling for photos of Myanmar and Old Bagan. Myanmar is such a picture perfect destination and based on the photos I’ve seen in Google Images, I noticed that apart the the beautiful temples, tourists also love to take photos of the beautiful sunrise in Old Bagan.

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Many temple in Bagan Area at Sunset, Myanmar.
Many temple in Bagan Area at Sunrise, Myanmar.

Bagan is mainly visited by tourists to get a view of the beautiful sunrise. Due to the sheer number of travelers longing for a view of the sunrise, some Old Bagan tour operators are offering sunrise balloon flights, but only in certain months depending on the weather conditions.

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Sunrise at Bagan
Sunrise at Bagan

There are many locations in Bagan that offer a magical view of the sunrise. Travelers can either watch the sun rise from atop various temples or from the hot air balloons. Based on my research, Shwesandaw Pagoda is one of the most popular vantage point in Bagan to view the sunrise. However, that temple is way too crowded since we already went there on our first day to view the Old Bagan Sunset.

Sunrise in Black and White
Sunrise at Bagan in Black and White

Sunrise at Bagan

On our second day, we decided to visit another temple recommended by our horse cart driver. Although its quite hard to get to the top of the temple, the pleasure of watching a sunrise from this point is impressive in its own right, and I also admire the concentration of pagodas and temples from this point. The pagodas and temples are facing east and are best suited for watching only the sunrise.

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The hot air balloon sunrise flight is not too costly, and the British-made balloons guarantee perfect safety. Even though, temple tops are the most preferred platforms for viewing sunrise, the balloon flights offer a completely different and memorable view of the sunrise, along with the vast landscape of Bagan. Sunrise at Old Bagan, Myanmar is truly a remarkable scene worth viewing.

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