5 Incredibly Unique Hotels in Sweden

JumboStay Hotel Unique Hotels in Sweden

Where to Stay: 5 Incredibly Unique Hotels in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country whose fascinating tourist attractions cater to a wide range of interests. There are royal palaces, restored medieval towns, museums, boat tours in scenic Stockholm, and unspoiled boreal forests. If you’ve been mulling over Sweden as a holiday destination and would love to try something unusual in terms of accommodation, then here are five wonderfully not-so-typical hotels in Sweden for you to consider.

Utter Inn

Utter Inn Unique Hotels in Sweden
Utter Inn Unique Hotels in Sweden

Location: Lake Mälaren, 722 12 Västerås, Sweden

Utter Inn is a little red floating house situated in LakeMälaren, a body of water in nearby Västerås. Utter Inn’s intimate, sparingly furnished bedroom is built underwater. There are panoramic windows, where you can catch a glimpse of fish flitting about. The bedroom is also outfitted with a latrine. Battery-run small appliances are available in the makeshift kitchen complete with a cozy dining nook. A narrow ladder takes you from the entrance of the floating house to the underwater bedroom three meters down the water surface.


Treehotel in Sweden
Treehotel in Sweden

Address: Edeforsvägen 2A, 960 24 Harads, Sweden

Located in the forest of Harads and less than an hour’s drive from Boden, Treehotel is made up of futuristic yet environmentally friendly structures flanked by trees. Each of the building structures sports a unique design. Take Mirrorcube, for example, and its reflective walls that blend in and somehow disappear into the forest. Other Treehotel architectural marvels include The Bird’s Nest, The UFO, The Cabin, The Blue Cone, and The Dragonfly. Food is served at Britta’s Pensionat, the main check-in point to the various treerooms. There’s also a sauna and a bar, but you’ll be mostly distracted by the splendid forest views to want to stay in for the happy hours.


Icehotel in Sweden
Icehotel in Sweden

Address: Marknadsvägen 63, 981 91 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Located in the northern Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi and around 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, Icehotel is a mixture of conventional buildings and temporary structures and interiors fashioned out of ice blocks. At Icehotel, you get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to sleep on a bed of ice, sip drinks from glasses carved out of ice, stay in the first ice hotel in the world, and even tie the knot inside a chapel constructed out of ice. Breakfast is on the house at the Icehotel. Other hotel amenities include a lounge, an ice bar, and a nice restaurant. You can also opt to join guided tours to explore nearby tourist attractions.

The Woodpecker Hotel

Room 101 of The Woodpecker Hotel
Room 101 of The Woodpecker Hotel credits – gwsbresidency

Address: Central City Park, Vasteras, Sweden

This hotel is an elaborate and highly sophisticated version of childhood fantasies involving a cozy tree house. A wobbly but otherwise strong rope ladder is the only mode of access to the peculiar Woodpecker Hotel, a structure suspended from wires 13 meters up a very old tree. Being suspended at a dizzying height enables the guests of Woodpecker Hotel to enjoy the picturesque views of the park in Västerås, Sweden. The accommodation is in a cramped space, but it includes the basics like a small kitchen, toilet, and a much-needed veranda for enjoying the breathtaking views. As for the meals, you get them delivered in a basket transported by a pulley up your very own little red tree house. The Woodpecker Hotel is only open to guests from April to October, so remember to book ahead if it’s high up in your travel agenda.

JumboStay Hotel

JumboStay Hotel Unique Hotels in Sweden
JumboStay Hotel Unique Hotels in Sweden

Location: Jumbovagen 4, Arlanda, Arlanda, Sweden

Situated close to the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, JumboStay Hotel is a converted Boeing 747 jumbo jet. This unique accommodation is not only for guests who can’t afford to miss a looming international flight and are sorely in need of the hotel’s free bus ride to the nearby airport. Aeronautics geeks are certainly going to have a fantastic time checking out the hotel’s charming interior. There are budget-friendly twin rooms and en-suite rooms, as well as a cockpit suite.

STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm
STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm

Don’t sweat out your holiday travel accommodations to Sweden. Consider unleashing your adventurous streak and stay in something other than a plush conventional hotel. Stay in one of these Incredibly Unique Hotels in Sweden.

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