Myanmar is now Visa-Free for Filipino Travelers

Myanmar is now Visa-Free for Filipino Travelers

Good news for travel buffs who want to visit the country of Myanmar, it is about to get much easier. The reverse is already agreed upon; Myanmar passport holders can enter the Philippines without a visa. But with Myanmar President Thein Sein’s visit, residents of the Philippines are getting the same option.

Myanmar is now Visa-Free
Myanmar is now Visa-Free for Philippine Travelers

There are also a number of business agreements that were drafted for this visit and that will make it easier for people in both countries to conduct business in the other country.

President Sein also visited Visayas where Super Typhoon Yolanda did a lot of damage last month. Myanmar pledged $100,000 in support of people in the Visayas and an additional $50,000 for victims of the Bohol earthquake in October.

Myanmar is a beautiful country with a complicated past. Westerners have long had a hard time getting a visa to visit Myanmar and the visa offices tend to give them out only after a lot of checking and double checking of intentions. But the historically closed country is becoming more and more open. And this is really good news if you’re like me and you want to be able to enjoy Myanmar without having to wait for a visa to be approved.

Fantasies of going back to Myanmar are already flashing through my mind, and I’ve never been on a balloon ride over Bagan, but it’s definitely on my Bucket List. Bagan is a unique destination because of its well preserved temples and tourist friendly people. It has to be seen to be understood at all.

I also highly recommend the Bogyoke Aung San Market, which has been operating in about the same way for about 70 years. It was alive and well during the reign of the Brits (locally known as Scott Market back then) and has over 2000 shops and stalls to visit. You can spend days there and still not see it all. And of course there’s the Shwedagon Paya temple which can be shockingly beautiful in the right light.

My second trip to Myanmar is practically planned already, as you can see, and thanks to this new agreement between the Myanmar government and the government of the Philippines, all I have to do is buy my ticket and go.

No more visas for travel to Myanmar? I’m sure I’m not the only person who is looking forward to quick, fun last minute trips to see this magical country.

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  1. […] Myanmar is now Visa-Free for Filipino Travelers […]

  2. […] Myanmar is now Visa-Free for Filipino Travelers […]

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