New Myanmar Tourism Slogan Set to Enchant Travelers Around the World

Myanmar Tourism Slogan photo by Charlie Costello via Unsplash

Embrace the Enchantment with Myanmar’s New Tourism Branding

Yangon, Myanmar – ‘Be Enchanted’- That’s what Myanmar wants you to feel when you go to their country. They want visitors to experience a friendly, charming, mystical and untouched destination. Myanmar is changing their tourism branding from ‘Let the Journey Begin’ to ‘Be Enchanted’.

Myanmar Be Enchanted
Myanmar Be Enchanted

The promise of Myanmar is that when you come to their country, you’ll have so many good memories to keep with you long after you come home. The word ‘enchanted’ depicts what the country has to offer in terms of attractions, hospitality, and overall feel-good experiences when you go there.

For people who already visited Myanmar, they described the trip as being one of the best if not the best as reported in a survey done at the Yangon International Airport Departure Area last April 2018. They said that Myanmar evoked feelings of curiosity that’s why they wanted to visit. One of the travelers who answered the survey directly said that Myanmar’s people, culture and sights are enchanting.

Myanmar Tourism Slogan photo by Charlie Costello via Unsplash
Myanmar Tourism Slogan Photo by Charlie Costello on Unsplash
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Myanmar sure has its own mystery thanks to the colorful temples, untouched nature, beaches and rich culture it has to offer. There’s a lot to know about the country because tourism there is not as open before as it is now so there’s always a new adventure waiting.

Htilominlo Temple in Myanmar
Htilominlo Temple in Myanmar

The new brand will serve as the main focus point for Myanmar’s tourism marketing activities. This area includes travel shows, road shows and other marketing strategies that promote the country. Myanmar Tourism Marketing Association is responsible for this rebranding. It strives to make Myanmar be known throughout the world as a sustainable tourism destination and accessible the whole year. They’re a member of Myanmar Tourism Federation.

Experience the enchantment of Myanmar and take part in this amazing journey which will take you to some of the most beautiful places you can be in.

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