Tourist Attractions and Best Things to do in Maldives

Maldives is one of those places that would often ring a bell and show up on television programs and talk shows when hot summer getaways and tranquil tourist attractions are essentially the topic of the day. And it’s true. According to some Maldives Travel Guide books, Tourists flock to Maldives as it serves as an ideal land to escape the realities of life even just for a bit, and enjoy a worry-free, fun break.

Filitheyo island beach with tall palm trees and blue lagoons
Filitheyo island beach with tall palm trees and blue lagoons Licensed under Public Domain via Commons – Maldives Travel Guide

Some of you might just wonder what you can do in Maldives. Well, there several activities every traveler and tourist can join, depending on the level of interest and the degree of challenge that you are looking for. Here are five (5) of the best things you can do in Maldives.

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Scuba and snorkeling

Scuba Diving in Maldives
Scuba Diving in Maldives

Let’s start from down below. Who wouldn’t love to see the aquatic world? You’d surely be enthusiastic when you see schools of colorful fish just swim right past you. And would it not be more exciting if you realize it’s a dream come true having immersed yourself literally in a different environment? Now, that’s one great way to celebrate your debut!

Shark Diving

Shark Diving in Maldives photo by
Shark Diving in Maldives photo by

But just going along with some sharks and finally contemplating you’re surrounded by lots of them is a more memorable way to feel like you’re part of the food chain under the seas! It takes a lot of guts though to be with them.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Dolphin Watching in Maldives photo by
Dolphin Watching in Maldives photo by

But wait there’s more! If you don’t want to get wet or if you fear drowning, you can hitch a submarine ride into the depths and watch whales and dolphins in the area! That just blows your mind off! Plus, there are other aquatic organisms to spot!

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Surfing in Maldives photo by
Surfing in Maldives photo by

Now, let’s approach the surface of the waters. Of course, this activity shouldn’t be taken off any cool wanderer’s list. Surfing — which by the word, I mean windsurfing, traditional surfing, and kitesurfing — is a great way to make friends with others since it’s a wonderful moment to be with people who love the same sport. Who knows, the next guy or girl you run into while riding the waves might just be the person you’d be with for the rest of your life?

Water Skiing

Water Skiing in Maldives
Water Skiing in Maldives

Last, but not the least – waterskiing and jet skiing. Turn those motors on and start hitting those waves! These two activities will give you that adrenaline rush too! It will be such a blast you’d just end up tired yet contended by the day’s end, almost ready for an ultra-packed dinner.

Maldives Travel Guide
Maldives Travel Guide

Sounds a lot of fun, right? The activities list for your itinerary is already up. And the more recreation spots that continue to set foot, the more you should be. All you need to do is to decide whether or not Maldives is the place-to-be on your bucket list! And start aiming to get there!

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  1. very well described, best place to see whale shark is close to Sun Island resort, just very near to Maanmigilli. most of the resorts they offer excursions to watch whale sharks there

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  3. As I hear Maldives are the new Egypt. A lot of people that used to travel to Egypt now go to Maldives. Prices are good and way better vacation. I believe that Egypt will be one of the places people will stop to go if they don’t change situation. Quality of the place is really bad – that’s why you can get cheap prices to be there now.

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