Spain: The Ideal Destination for Any Traveler

Beautiful Palace in Granada Spain by Austin Gardner via Unsplash

From its picturesque pastoral scenes to Barcelona’s livelier scenes and beyond, Spain’s diverse and delightful offerings are sure to bring back tourists time and time again to explore this incredible European country.

A holiday in Spain can range from remote and rugged mountains to modern architectural tours and culinary adventures in the Basque country. Tourists may return to Spain hundreds of times and never visit the same place twice.

Toledo, Spain cathedral and rooftops at dawn via Depositphotos
Toledo, Spain cathedral and rooftops at dawn via Depositphotos

With such an impressive variety of destinations, Spain is ideal for all intrepid explorers with its own culture and character.

Super Cities

Spanish cities are notorious for their exciting nightlife and culturally rich museums, monuments, architecture, and food.

From Modern Madrid to Gaudi’s imaginative playground – Barcelona, Spanish cities are full of life and character. Seville is the home of flamenco while Valencia boasts a burgeoning art scene and some incredible nightlife.


History and contemporary life come together in interesting and intriguing ways, weaving together centuries of influence from the Romans to the Moors and the Conquistadors.

Lavish Landscapes

Outside of Spain, stunning cities lie some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world. From Galicia’s forested estuaries to Castile’s arid plains, Spanish landscapes are vast and visually stunning.

Some may hike Santiago de Compostela’s legendary while others may set out in search of some rare birds flying high above Extremadura.

Barrio de Santa Cruz in Alicante Spain photo-via-DepositPhotos
Barrio de Santa Cruz in Alicante Spain photo-via-DepositPhotos

The desert landscapes of Almería are well worth a backpacking trip, and the Spanish Pyrenees offer some of the most spectacular short hikes and week-long treks in all of Europe.

Spain boasts wild populations of brown bears and lynx and thousands of miles of coastline from which to observe whales and dolphins.

Captivating Cuisine

The Agricultural offerings from Spain may not seem like the stuff of epic international attraction, but the food and wine produced throughout the country are second to none.

A stunning patchwork landscape made up of vineyards, olive groves, baking wheat plantations, and ranches full of cattle is just a small part of the agricultural attractions that produce the country’s most delicious dishes.

Paella Valenciana
Paella Valenciana

For the best of Spanish wine, venture to famous Rioja and mouth-watering tapas head to Extremadura. The world’s most delectable jamón serrano comes from Andalucía, while world-famous paella has its provenance in Valencia.

Bask in the sun along the Mediterranean shores, run with the bulls, or revel in the majesty and mystery of the Pyrenees. Whatever the variety of holidays, Spain is sure to impress and leave visitors wanting more.

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