Philippine Airlines adds New Zealand flights 4X a week

Philippine Airlines adds another destination to its already extensive repertoire of flights. For the first time, Filipinos can now go directly to Australia, New Zealand, Cairns, and Auckland through this flagship carrier.

Philippine Airlines Airbus A320
Philippine Airlines

Part of the Oceania expansion of Philippine Airlines, the carrier will be strategically planning their flights to hit the spots that can be connected, making it possible for their planes to deliver and pick up new passengers from each destination. According to reports, the flights will be on a 156-seater Airbus A320 and conducted on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday basis.

Unless otherwise changed, PAL will be starting their flight at exactly 11:45 PM, departing from Manila and arriving at Cairns after 6 hours. From there, the plane will take a one hour break before continuing to its next destination: Australia. At around 4:00 PM local time, the Airbus should arrive at New Zealand, hopefully with no delays. Flight from Auckland to Cairns is expected to be set on a 6:30 PM local time schedule, arriving at Manila around 3:30 AM after stopovers in Cairns.

With the regularity of said schedules, Filipinos can now plan vacations beyond the usual Asian destinations. Question whether these out-of-country flights will be affected by PAL promo tickets is still in question.

As of this writing, PAL is an old-hand when it comes to flying to foreign destinations. Just this April 25, the airline added Jinjiang, China to its list of destinations while New York was added on the 15th of March.

The addition is essentially meant to facilitate traffic between the Philippines and New Zealand, at the same time hitting several other foreign spots. According to PAL Chief Operating Officer Jaime Bautista, the new travel arrangements will cater to the needs of both leisure and business travelers. With an estimated number of 40,000 Filipinos permanently making New Zealand their home, the addition of said flights will surely be appreciated by the masses.

According to Bautista, the new service allows PAL to “showcase its distinct brand of service marked by Filipino warmth, charm, and hospitality. Foreigners from New Zealand or Cairns may take advantage of PAL’s other flights all over the country. As of this writing, the flagship airline offers 67 destinations in their flight deck, 30 of which are local flights while the other 37 are foreign.

PAL is certainly reversing its fortune after reporting a net loss of P931.13 million last year. Comparing the same period, PAL now has a net income of P3.78 billion – a marked improvement for the first quarter, resulting to an impressive 28.7 percent increase.

Of course, Philippine Airlines isn’t the only Philippine based airline to have flights to NZ. Just recently, chief rival Cebu Pacific has announced their intent to make the long-haul trip to said destination. While PAL will be scheduling 4 flights a week, Cebu Pacific will be providing 7 flights every week. This gives Filipinos options when it comes to schedules and rates for their ticket.

PAL New Zealand flights will be available for booking starting December 2015. Additional foreign flights for the flagship are yet to be announced if there will be any.

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