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AirAsia Blogger’s Community 2015 in Bangkok: Photo Hunt Rally

Attending a party is one great way to meet and connect with new people. The blogger’s party hosted by AirAsia a few days ago proved to be a desirable venue for a fun and exciting experience with unfamiliar faces.

airasia bloggers community in bangkok
registration area

The AirAsia Blogger’s Community Party 2015 is the sole reason why I, together with four other Filipino bloggers, flew to Bangkok. Other delegates came not just from South East Asian countries but also from other neighbor nations. Travel and lifestyle bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, China, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, and the host country, Thailand, all flocked to the interesting city of Bangkok to take part in another promising event by AirAsia.

AirAsia Bloggers in Bangkok
13 groups are up for the photo hunt challenge

The team behind AABC 2015 sure knows how to rock an event. The line up of activities was beyond the ordinary. First off was the AABC Photo Hunt Rally ala Amazing Race. We were pre-assigned a group comprised of bloggers from different nations. The main task was (you guessed it right) to capture photos for each category and upload it on Instagram with a set of hashtags.

For the challenge, we need to roam around Bangkok and take a group selfie with a tasty Thai food, in a Thai temple, a thing or place that’s unique to Thailand, a jump shot at a shopping center, and with any logo of AirAsia. Sounds easy breezy, right? Not! Our group came up with a strategy on which task to do and where to go first so we can maximize the time and come back to the briefing room before the other teams do. First three teams to finish the challenge win. There were a total of 13 teams, and that fact alone adds up to the difficulty of the challenge.

bloggers in bangkok
#AABCG1 #AirAsia #ThailandShoppingParadise

bloggers eating thai food
#AABCG1 #AirAsia #ThaiFood

temple run in bangkok
#AABCG1 #AirAsia #ThaiShrine

#AABCG1 #AirAsia #Thainess

I belonged to the kick-ass Group 1. Most of my teammates appeared to be reserved, but my impression proved me wrong the moment we walked out of the door. This group was competitive yet knows how to have fun. Not a single soul gave an attitude that will slow the team down. We were all eager to win and, at the same time, have an awesome experience.

tuktuk ride
tuktuk ride to the temple

From having several attempts to do a decent jump shot to scouting restaurants for a delicious Thai dish, down to riding the tuktuk to get to a nearby temple and searching every corner of each street to find an AirAsia logo, each task completed was a meaningful moment with these strangers turned friends.

bangkok train
convenient and efficient train system

bangkok jam
traffic in Bangkok isn’t that bad compared to traffic in Manila

travel bloggers in bangkok
#AABCG1 #AirAsia #NowEveryoneCanFly

We finished early and managed to arrive next to the third team. Too bad? Not really. The over-all experience was beyond landing a place. It’s all about camaraderie, friendship, and having fun.

Written by Kim Buenafe

Kim has been living (or rather, trying to live) by her life motto: move, eat, learn, inspire. And she thinks life has been awesome so far. This freelance writer, part-time social media manager, and full-time traveler enjoys watching the world happen while binging on ice cream.

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