Pasigarbo sa Sugbo 2009 Updates

Next month, The province of Cebu will once again prove that Cebu is indeed an island of colorful festivals. Last year, I was lucky to witness the first grand Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival.

Now on it’s second year, The Festivities will start with the coronation of the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival 2009 Queen on August 12 following a colorful parade of dances will showcase best of the best street dancing festivals of Cebu on August 15, 2009.

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo Festival 2009
Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival 2009

Last years grand price was bagged by Palawod Festival of Bantayan Island while the Haladaya festival of Daanbantayn finished second, followed by Siloy festival (Alcoy), Ani-anihan festival (Tabuelan), Banig festival (Badian), Tostado festival (Santander), Sinamay festival (Carmen)and Soli-Soli festival(San Francisco, Camotes) respectively.

Moalboal’s Kagasangan festival is expected to join this year and compete with equaly lively and talented cebu street dancing contingents.

The Street dancing winners are being chosen based on their choreography, over-all live performance and costume design.
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    hi, ask lng what time ni mgstart?

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