Boracay : A first-time experience

A couple of weeks back, I visited Boracay with Shellaise – an officemate and fellow blogger. As a first time visitor on the Island, Shellaise shares her short and yet so inviting tale of her first-time trip to the Paradise called Boracay. Read on….

Gray clouds and moist.. A gloomy morning greeted our Boracay arrival. Technically the downpour begins when May ends so it didn’t come as a surprise, I arrived expecting it. I must admit, it suited my melancholy mood and lacking sleep didn’t help much either.

We got to the hotel and check in wasn’t till another couple of hours, again this did not help brighten my mood.

Boracay : Paradise Found
Paradise Found

We decided to tour the length of station 2 where the white sand held semblance to rock salts, all the way to station 1 where the rock salts seemed to have been pulverized into fine powder -it makes me wonder why that is…

Paraws in Boracay
Paraw Boat in Boracay

Only until after breakfast when we were walking back did I notice that the dark clouds had been swept off the sky to unveil an unending vast of heavenly space animated by colossal cotton white clouds and the most overwhelming hue of blue.

Relax in Boracay
Relax in Boracay

The untainted crystal waters layed there luminescent under the golden rays of the sun, reflecting sun light back and forth and back and forth.. as it ever most gently swayed under the command of tempered winds.

Paraw for Rent in Boracay
Paraw for Rent

As I stood beneath the shade of a coconut tree soaking it all in, soothed by the whisper of rustling leaves, staring at nothing and everything at the same time I realized that it was the first time I forgot to breathe.

Boracay Sunset
Fantastic Sunset

In this moment, a brief moment that goes on with out end, the world became flawless and as tourists rushed around me it seemed that I was the only witness.

Sand Castles in Boracay
Sand Castles

Then and there I discovered that in the pristine waters of the beach, on the virgin shores of Boracay, and under the majestic open sky the world forever exists in perfection only if you take a brief moment to open your eyes and see with all the sincerity and hope in your heart.

Bulabog Beach Kite Boarding 2
Kite Boarding in Boracay

Boracay met me in low spirits so it showed me home with a solemn heart.

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  1. artsforrent says

    Wow that’s something to expect, I have been browsing lately for a planning of trip to Boracay, will definitely build one of those sand castles.

  2. Coco says

    I must say, the pictures you took are SPECTACULAR! What month was this? I am going to Boracay first week of June and I can only pray that the weather is as beautiful as the ones taken above!!!!!!

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