Paragliding in Carmona Cavite

Paragliding in Carmona Cavite

A land with water springs, green pastures, proud ceilings that reach skies and the extravagance of sports, this is what I saw during my recent visit in Carmona Cavite. The interesting thing about Carmona Cavite is it just makes every visit feel maiden. The alluring sporting destinations in Carmona Cavite are sure to leave any sports enthusiast fall in love with the place.

Paragliding in Carmona Cavite
Randell Raymundo showing off his paragliding skills

Paragliding in Carmona Cavite

When there is a lot happening in the sports arena, land has never been the only destination for any sports lover in the country. If you have the guts to go high up in the air and if you don’t have acrophobia, Carmona Cavite has got something interesting. Fly high with the Paragliding facilities in Carmona Cavite.

The charm of paragliding fascinates people from all walks of life. The climate of Philippines support well the cause and stance of paragliding. Philippines are gifted with two windy seasons and this makes the art of paragliding even more enchanting. With sky-touching cliffs, and graced with ridges, the launching and landing site for paragliding is at Carmona, an hour away from Manila.

Getting Ready to Paraglide in Carmona Cavite
Getting Ready to Paraglide in Carmona Cavite

Details of a Paraglider

Basically an aircraft, a Paraglider has a self- supporting wing. The wing is made up of a special fabric and can be wrapped to a desired size. The upper and lower surface of the paraglider is together made up of 30 units of cells and this in turn forms a canopy. The openings in the cells push the air to keep the wing pumped during flight.

There is a harness just above the pilot’s shoulder which has a number of lines running to it from below the canopy. A couple of break pegs are connected to the special steering lines for the pilot to pull, in order to turn the glider to desired direction.

Paragliding as a sport

The freedom to soar high up in the air tempts everyone and it is interesting as a sport and past-time activity. The sport is easy to learn and so is the transportation of its equipments. You can soar above the tallest cliffs and deep ridges; launch your paraglider there if you complete a training course and acquiring flight qualifications. Things not to forget: clip your harness, wear your helmet. Pump the wing with air, fly high and there you are enjoying the beauty of earth from a far away destination.

History in the Making

Carmona was discovered as a perfect paragliding site in 2009 when Jonathan Tayamora – a paragliding enthusiast saw the long ridges of Carmona and its sports tourism potential.

According to Randell “Buko” Raymundo, the prevalence of northeast winds or hangin amihan coming from Laguna de Bay makes Carmona a perfect location for Paragliders to navigate and exhibit their skills along the ridges of Barangay Lantic.

Travel Bloggers with Buko Raymond aka Randell Raymundo
Travel Bloggers with Buko Raymond aka Randell Raymundo

Is this open to Public?

Yes! Paragliding in Carmona Cavite is open to public for a fee. For Introduction Tandem Paragliding, the fee would be 3500php ($85) which included the guide and the use of equipment. Flying is not guaranteed though since the paragliding is dependent to wind condition.

Who to Contact?

You may contact Buko Raymundo (Randell Raymundo) – the President of the Philippine Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association. His mobile phone is (Globe) 09178167820 or you can email him at
  1. CA | Adventurous Feet says

    geez takot ako sa heights pero i want to try that too! bilang may kasama naman! pero magiipon muna ko hehehehe!

    1. melo says

      @CA – sayang nga kasi sobrang lakas ng hangin when we went there kaya di ko na try… I hope we can go back and try it para kumpleto ang experience haha:)

  2. Traveling Nicely says

    Malapit lang sa amin yan ah! Fifteen minutes away from GMA. Kaso lang HANGMAHAL NAMAN! Hehe, ipon muna ako ng pang-fee at saka ng lakas ng loob na din! 😀

    1. melo says

      buti ka pa malapit lang hehehe let me know kung kelan ka punta gusto ko rin sya itry:)

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