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I met David last year when my favorite couple Sherv and Gay invited me to join them in Puerto Galera for a sun, sand and beer weekend. After spending two nights in Puerto Galera, David spent couple of weeks diving in Coron, Dumaguete, Siquijor, Apo Island and some parts of El Nido in Palawan.
David's 30th Birthday in Palenque, Mexico
David’s 30th Birthday in Palenque, Mexico
David is a 30 year old doctor, training in psychiatry. He first caught the travel bug back in 2004 when he flew over to Europe and travelled back to Australia over land via the Trans-Siberian Railway and Asia. Though it all began much earlier on family holidays around Oceania and Asia, and reading about the travels of Marco Polo, George Orwell, Plato and Alexander the Great.
Diving off Daphne, Galapagos Islands in Equador
Diving off Daphne, Galapagos Islands in Equador
Since then He volunteered in Uganda, studied in Peru, trekked the Pyrenees, and been an unofficial guide in South East Asia. 2012 saw his biggest mission yet with a year off to follow summer up through Asia and down through the Americas. Now David is back in Australia and back at work, but the next adventure is never far away.
Dolphin ride at Ocean Adventure in Olongapo, Philippines
Dolphin ride at Ocean Adventure in Olongapo, Philippines
• Beach or Mountain?
* Definitely beach. Though I love trekking, clean air and mountain scenery, at heart I’ll always be a creature of the coast.
• How often do you travel by air / land?
* I try to travel over land as much as possible. You get such a better feel for the distance and understanding of how the terrain has influenced history.
Snorkelling near El Nido, Palawan Philippines
Snorkelling near El Nido, Palawan Philippines
Learn more about David by reading his interesting responses to our travel questionnaire below.
• What’s your favorite airport? 
* I’d have to say Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney just because it either means the start of a new adventure or a return to home, friends and family.
• What is your favorite Hotel?
* My favourite place to stay is in a tent in the wild! Some of the best places I’ve stayed in doors include:
– Jungle Beach, north of Nha Trang, Vietnam, although the accommodation was outdoors with a mosquito net. It was a great escape from the sleaziness of Nha Trang.
– Cas de las Olas, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – a boutique hotel converted into a hostel, complete with family dinners, infinity pool and resident spider monkey. It’s right nex to the infamous Naked Tiger Hostel, so you can join the party there, but still retreat for a good night’s sleep.
– Casa Roja, Santiago, Chile – an old mansion converted into a hostel by a Aussie traveller who added a pool with spa and pool-bar, and even a cricket net!
• Who is your preferred Airline?
* Probably have to say QANTAS, not just because I’m Australian. The service, facilities and food are always top-notch.
• How do you beat jet lag / Motion sickness?
* I’m lucky that I don’t suffer motion sickness, but my advice is to look out at something fixed in the distance like the horizon to let your brain know that you are moving (I think the problem is largely that you feel you are moving, but all the vehicle around you is moving the same way so it looks like you are not moving, so your brain gets confused leading to nausea).
For jet lag the key is to expose yourself to light, exercise and don’t let yourself sleep when you are supposed to be awake and then go to bed in a dark room when you should be asleep. Melatonin tablets also work wonders.
• What are your favorite travel gadgets?
* My favourite travel gadgets are old school: eye mask, inflatable pillow, compass and waterproof watch. Everything else is superfluous.

Sherv David and Me
Sherv, David and Me

• Any Tips on how to travel light?
* To travel light make sure all your clothes match with each other and post souvenirs home rather than lugging them around.
• Best Backpack Brand?
* My Katmandu backpack has been going strong for 8 years now. Avoid top-loading backpacks where you have to take everything out to get to the stuff at the bottom.
• Top 3 Philippine Destinations?
* In The Philippines I loved:
– Ocean Adventure in Olongapo, where I swam with dolphins;
– The Apo Islands, where I dived with whale sharks; and
– El Nido, Palawan with it’s party vibe and stunning islands to cruise to nearby.
• Top 3 International Destinations?
* My favourite international destinations include:
– Palenque, Mexico where mushroom-muching hippies frolic in the waterfalls within the Mayan ruins that remain half-buried in jungle;
– The Galapagos Islands where the abundant turtles and sea lions come right up to play with you; and
– Sydney, Australia, my home and a clean, modern city on a gorgeous harbour, surrounded by the world’s best beaches and the fragrant flora and unique fauna of the Australian bush.
Favorite Travel quote:
“Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.” – from Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
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