Masskara Festival 2009 to showcase Bacolod’s first electric ledge

This year’s Electric MassKara Festival 2009 slated Oct. 16-18 will no longer have a parade.

Instead, the public will witness the first electric ledge dancing competition, according to its festival director Eli F.J.Tajanlangit.

“The ledge dancing competition is one of the new things to be introduced this year to address the huge crowds that come to watch the Electric MassKara,” he said.

“As we experienced last year, people could no longer see the parade from the sidewalks so we thought of mounting the dancers on trailers so they can be seen and appreciated properly,” he said.

The ledge dancing idea was test-ran in the MassKara sa Manokan last May during the Inasal Festival and the idea had drawn positive reactions, he added.

“We have also redesigned the rules of the contest to put more emphasis on lighting the dancers,” the festival director said.

The ledge dancing competitions are set Friday, Oct. 16, 2009 at 8 p.m. Live band concerts and light shows will still be held on the three nights of the Electric MassKara.

The competing electric MassKara dance groups will rotate from trailer to trailer where judges will be positioned.

When the contest is finished, the public can dance on these trailers when the live bands concerts begin.

Anent this Tajanlangit announced that preparation for the 30th MassKara has gone full-swing.

Applications for kiosk rentals around the public plaza have opened.

“Like last year, we will continue to reposition the plaza kiosks as family-oriented,” Tajanlangit said. “More lights will be installed and more entertainment will be scheduled around the area.”

A general orientation has been held for the barangays and schools which have listed up for the daytime MassKara streetdancing.
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