Experience Winter in Batanes

Winter in Batanes photo by jayvee villaganas via unsplash

Do we really have white Christmas in the Philippines?

Forget about the snow, Winter in Batanes is just all about the seasonal cool weather which was considered as Winter by Ivatans.

The local winter starts from the second week of November to the first week of February and during this season locals and tourists both enjoy this once a year phenomenon.

Batanes Travel Guide: Breathtaking Batanes
Batanes Travel Guide: Breathtaking Batanes

Due to its proximity to Taiwan, Batanes experiences 4 seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter. As the year comes to a close the weather gets cooler and cooler to as low as 7 degrees Celsius.

Winter in Batanes photo by jayvee villaganas via unsplash
Winter in Batanes photo by jayvee villaganas via unsplash

With green pastures overlooking the sea, windmills on the sprawling countryside, lighthouses guarding immaculate shorelines, and cool weather especially in certain months, Batanes is most often likened to European countries like Ireland and Scotland.

Climate in Batanes

Batanes has a tropical climate. The average yearly temperature is 26.0 °C (78.8 °F), and the average monthly temperature ranges from 22.0 °C (71.6 °F) in January to 28.5 °C (83.3 °F) in July, similar to that of Southern Taiwan. Precipitation is abundant throughout the year; the rainiest month is August while the driest month is April. November to February are the coldest months.

There is a misconception that Batanes is constantly battered by typhoons. Batanes is mentioned frequently in connection with typhoons because it holds the northernmost weather station in the Philippines, thus, it is also a reference point for all typhoons that enter the Philippine area of responsibility.

Basco Batanes photo by Rexy Quieta via unsplash
Basco Batanes photo by Rexy Quieta via unsplash

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  1. Chuck says

    I found this great review that lists the 10 best restaurants in the Philippines… I’ve been to many of them and the food was incredible!

  2. sarah says

    Are you sure about the 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter) in Batanes?

    Please check your facts. Much as we’d like to promote Batanes, the readers should also be fed correct information.

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