Kontra Kalawang Sa Utak Facebook Contest by PHAREX Vitamin E

In line with the celebration of its 25th year, PHAREX HealthCorp, the most prescribed unibranded generics, intensifies its Kontra Kalawang Sa Utak campaign with activities that will continue to educate the public on how to combat embarrassing kalawang moments of the brain caused by free radicals.

PHAREX Kontra Kalawang sa Utak Facebook Promo
PHAREX Kontra Kalawang sa Utak Facebook Promo

Share your “Kalawang Moment” Photo FACEBOOK PROMO MECHANICS

 Everyday stress increases the production of free radicals, which damages the brain. These harmful effects may result to a decline in mental performance like memory gap, slower comprehension, and lack of concentration or #KalawangMoments.

A total shopping spree worth 100,000 pesos to be given away to our followers who share their “Kalawang Moments”.

Kontra Kalawang Sa Utak Facebook Contest by PHAREX Vitamin E

How to join:

1. “LIKE” the Kontra Kalawang Sa Utak Facebook Page (

2. SHARE the CAMPAIGN E-CARD on your wall/timeline and TAG five (5) of your friends.

3. POST your PHOTO ENTRY together with the STORY of your own or a friend’s or officemate’s KALAWANG MOMENTS on your wall/timeline and TAG Kontra Kalawang Sa Utak Facebook page.

4. Photo guidelines:
b. Must be creative
c. Must not show any nudity
d. MAY SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE (1) ENTRY but may post only one (1) entry per day and must still follow steps 2 and 3
e. Your ADDITIONAL PHOTO ENTRIES MUST BE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the ones you already posted.

5. This promo is open to all Philippine-based Facebook users*, 18 years old and above.

6. Promo runs from JULY 3, 2013 to SEPTEMBER 30, 2013.

7. There will be five (5) winners of Sodexo Gift Certificates worth P20,000 pesos each. Winner will be determined via ELECTRONIC RAFFLE supervised and verified by PHAREX and CCGMI representatives. Winners will be announced on September 30, 2013 on Kontra Kalawang sa Utak’s Facebook Page and will be notified via private message and electronic mail.

8. Prizes can be claimed at Pharex Head Office located at Unit 101 G/F Building Alpha, UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub, Commonwealth Avenue Diliman, Quezon City

9. To claim prizes, winners must bring:
a. Any valid identification
b. Printed electronic mail

10. In case another person shall claim the prize on behalf of the winner, representatives of winner must bring:
a. Authorization letter from the winner
b. Any valid identification of representative
c. Copy of any valid identification of winner
d. Copy of printed electronic mail

11. Winner will be given sixty (60) days from date of announcement to claim their prize. After the claiming period, unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.

* Employees of Pharex Health Corporation, Pascuallab Inc., and CCMGI up to the third degree are NOT eligible for this promo.

Did you know :

Free radicals are damaged oxygen atoms with a missing electron that attack healthy cells and are formed in your body during normal metabolism and upon exposure to environmental factors such as stress, cigarette smoke, alcohol, poor nutrition, air pollution and UV radiation. These have harmful effects to the brain that may result to a decline in mental performance such as slower comprehension, lack of concentration, and memory gap. Jefferson De Guzman, PHAREX Vitamin E Product Manager says, “Filipinos, especially the hardworking ones, are concerned about performing at their best and having an impressive mental performance and this can be achieved with the help of Vitamin E.”

(left to right)- Pharex HealthCorp's Medical Director, Dr. Amado Nazal; VP for Sales and Marketing, Timmie Guillermo;  President and CEO, Tomas Marcelo Agana III and   Pharex Vitamin E Product Manager, Jefferson De Guzman.
(left to right): Pharex HealthCorp’s Medical Director, Dr. Amado Nazal; VP for Sales and Marketing, Timmie Guillermo; President and CEO, Tomas Marcelo Agana III and Pharex Vitamin E Product Manager, Jefferson De Guzman.

Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the brain from the damaging effects of free radicals. It has extra electrons to “share” and is able to give them to the free radicals thus stabilizing and neutralizing them. This stops the oxidative stress that damages our brain cells and causes decline in mental performance.

PHAREX Vitamin E recently launched Kontra Kalawang Sa Utak activations in various offices and establishments nationwide that will inform and teach the public on how to have peak mental performance. Free samples of PHAREX Vitamin E are also given away to attendees together with information on how it can help them avoid a “rusty brain”.

PHAREX Vitamin E  (dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate), especially formulated to supply more than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for adults who want to fight off the harmful effects of free radicals and maintain mental health, also launched a contest on its official Kontra Kalawang Sa Utak Facebook page ( which only requires its followers to submit photos of their own Kalawang Moments with captions on how PHAREX Vitamin E can help prevent them. A total shopping spree of P100,000 will be given away.

An e-raffle will determine five (5) winners of gift certificates worth P20,000 each. De Guzman also added that, “Recognizing these Kalawang Moments is the first step to preventing ‘rusting’ of the brain with the help of PHAREX Vitamin E, proper nutrition, physical exercise, enough sleep and a positive attitude”.

To know more about PHAREX Vitamin E’s nationwide Kontra Kalawang Sa Utak activations or the online promo, contact (02) 477-3837 or like PHAREX Vitamin E’s official Kalawang Moment Facebook page.

Visit often to know more about Pharex Vitamin E and our upcoming promos.

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