Kain Na! Food & Travel Festival launched in Santa Rosa, Laguna

Tagayan Ritual

Kain Na! Food & Travel Festival 

Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines — Food trip is certainly more fun here in the Philippines. On Friday, December 7th, the Kain Na! Food & Travel Festival of the Department of Tourism was held simultaneously in three cities; Davao City, Pampanga, and Laguna.

Tagayan Ritual
Tagayan Ritual

Out Of Town Blog was one the select media who get to experience the richly-diverse Filipino culinary culture, together with invited tourism partners and representatives from each municipality present at the event.

The guest chefs who featured their specialty dishes in CALABARZON are Chef Angelica Costales and Chef Joel Frago from Laguna, Chef Alfondo Rafael Ranido from Quezon Province, Chef Vic Dinawanao, Fabian Maximilian Cabriga and Gene Gonzales from Cavite, Chef Maala from Batangas, and lastly, Chef Andre Vocalan from Rizal with their special recipes.

Kain Na - Food and Travel Festival 
Kain Na – Food and Travel Festival

An interesting part during the buffet area was that from the plates down to the presentation, all materials used are made either from coconut husk and bamboo – and it felt like attending a real Fiesta in the province, with all the vibrant Filipino food with a twist, coming from different provinces in Calabarzon.

The Quezon ladies also performed their traditional Tagayan, a traditional drinking dance where ladies sing then dance with a shot glass on their hands. Afterwards, they went around the audience and shared a glass of their native drinks.

Foods Served at the Fair

Apart from the Pineapple and Ube Tart that definitely spot on, there were also dishes loved by the guests at the buffet.

Kain na - Darang manok skewer
Kain na – Darang manok skewer

Darang Manok Skewer. There was a great balance between saltiness and sweetness from the marinated boneless chicken, pickled watermelon rind, and dragon fruit slices topped with nuts and pinipig crunch. This dish was made by Chef Vic Dinawanao.

Pancit Kalabuko
Pancit Kalabuko

Pancit Kalabuko. A stir-fried noodled made with organic squash, mushroom, papaya, and boar meat, topped with coconut milk made by Chef Joselito Frago.

Deconstructed Pilipit with Yema Ice Cream
Deconstructed Pilipit with Yema Ice Cream

Deconstructed Pilipit with Yema Ice Cream made by Chef Alonso Rafael Jose Ranido

Pork Kinulob Satay and Parirutong Arancini
Pork Kinulob Satay and Parirutong Arancini

Pork Kinulob Satay and Parirutong Arancini also made by Chef Alonso Rafael Jose Ranido

CALABARZON: The Next Foodie Destination

Apart from Laguna’s world-class ride in Enchanted Kingdom, river rafting in Magdalena, and caving in Cavinti, it is no doubt that the province is also becoming a primer food destination. There’s the South’s favorite including tulingan, all sorts of kakanin like puto and suman, the longganisa of Lucban, and more!

“There a potential in culinary tourism in CALABARZON” said Ms. Marites T. Castro, OIC, Regional Director of CALABARZON.

To get to taste and buy local products from juices, handicrafts, and even culinary tour packages, the food and travel fair will be open from December 8 to December 9, and is entrance is free! Come and drop by!

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  1. richardfrisbie says

    Sounds very tasty! Wish I could have been there.

  2. Jelai Tyler says

    I wonder if they can hold this event again this year in sta rosa despite the covid pandemic.

    1. Melo Villareal says

      I think the promotion will be done primarily via online channels until the pandemic ends.

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