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iPhone is the Second Most Popular Cameras Of 2014, According to Flickr

Photo-sharing site combined the data it has on its user’s favorite camera brands, and the results are in. “Flickr has gotten better at detecting the mobile device used in part because our database is more up-to-date.

Flickr iPhone App
Flickr iPhone App

Independent of that is the camera brand, which we can detect reasonably reliably, so the comparison of mobile camera brands should be pretty solid.”, the site says in an interview.

Apple’s iPhones take the top 4 places in the top 5 most used mobile cameras of 2014. iPhone 5 earns the title of the top mobile camera used with a rate of 10.6%, followed by iPhone 4s with 7.0%, then by iPhone 4 with 4.3%, and finally by iPhone 5c with 2.0%.

Official Flickr iPhone App
Official Flickr iPhone App

Samsung Galaxy S3 ranks 5th with 1.2%. The rest of the list of mobiles used continues with Samsung Galaxy S5 on the 6th place, with 1.1%, followed by iPhone 6 with 1.0%, and then by iPad, HTC One, and iPad Mini at 0.8%, 0.7%, and 0.6%, respectively.

It can be seen that Apple products are prevalent on the list of most used mobile cameras, but its achievement does not end there. When camera brands are ranked in overall regardless of type (camera phones, digital SLRs, point and shoot cameras, etc.), Apple still ranks as one of the most popular and most used camera brands.

Filters now with Flickr iPhone App
Filters now with Flickr iPhone App

From third place last 2013, Apple’s iPhone (9.6%) now ranks second in the overall list of Flickr’s most popular cameras of 2014—dominating over major camera maker Nikon (9.3%), which only ranks third. Samsung cameras rank 4th with their 5.6% rate, followed by Sony, with 4.2%. Camera maker Canon still owns the title of the most popular camera on Flickr, with a 13.4% rate.

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