Top 10 Amusement and Theme Parks in the Philippines

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Amusement and Theme Parks in the Philippines

Be it the outrageously extreme rides, the cute animals, the colorful lights, the unique shows, or the food, there is something about amusement parks that attracts people—both young and old. There is something about these little places on Earth that touches everyone’s hearts, and leave everyone who have been to it smiling. I can’t really explain what that is—since I’m pretty much speechless myself—so if you haven’t been to one in a while, why don’t you try going to one of these 10 amusement and theme parks in the Philippines, and relive those moments of unexplainable happiness?

1. Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom photo by Wikimedia
Enchanted Kingdom in Sta Rosa Laguna photo by Wikimedia

One of the good things about amusement parks is that they’re built with all the worlds one can possibly think of. Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna offers its guests the chance to enter some of these worlds, like one of pirates with its Anchors Away, or feel the thrills of outer space on the Space Shuttle. There are also interactive and educational theatres, like the Discovery Theatre and the 7th Portal. Most of these thrills are open to all ages, so, there’s no need to worry.

2. Manila Ocean Park

Mermaids at the Manila Ocean Park
Mermaids at the Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is known in the country as the only marine-themed amusement park. It’s also known for being able to combine fun and learning—like in its famous Mermaid Swim Experience where participants not only thrash around the waters like mermaids, but are also taught the basics of swimming. There’s a lot to see in Manila Ocean Park, but to complete the experience, be sure to watch the majestic Symphony fountain show that starts at 6:30 PM every night.

3. Star City Manila

Star City Manila
Star City by Kadayawan – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

If you find happiness in the most extreme of rides, then you’ll surely be satisfied with Star City. Its Star Flyer is known as the only inverted roller coaster in the country, and other rides like Surf Dance and Star Frisbee will surely keep your adrenaline pumping. Just make sure your stomach’s strong enough, though. There are also the Dungeon and the Gabi ng Lagim that might satisfy your taste for horror. Still, if you don’t think you can stand this all, you can always chill out in the park’s famous Snow World…literally.

4. Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay

Ocean Adventure in Subic photo from Facebook Page
Ocean Adventure in Subic photo from Facebook Page

Ocean Adventure in Subic is an amusement park minus all the extreme rides—but don’t worry, for this park can equally light up your face. Here, people are allowed to directly interact with the animals, and most of its facilities and programs aim to link the hearts of the animals and the visitors. If you don’t think that’s enough, then try watching one of its whale and dolphin shows. What’s not amusing about these friendly sea creatures performing clever tricks in front of you?

5. Manila Zoo

Manila Zoo Tigery
Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden Tiger By TeamJonalynViray Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia

The Manila Zoology and Botanical Garden—Manila Zoo for short—is known as one of the oldest tourist attractions in the country. It opened in 1959, and has since been brining smiles to its visitors with its vast displays of Philippine-endemic flora and fauna. It’s like almost like a sanctuary, and the entrance fee is very affordable, too. While you’re here, be sure to say hi to Manila Zoo’s quirky elephant, Mali.

6. Avilon Zoo

Avilon Zoo photo from Avilon Zoo FB Page
Avilon Zoo photo from Avilon Zoo FB Page

Being the largest zoological institution in the Philippines, Avilon Zoo features over 3000 species of wildlife. The zoo also has its own conservation programs, and is helping in the propagation of some of the endangered species in the country. Its 7.5 hectares provides shelter and nourishment to its land, water, and air animals, and helps people appreciate the diversity of Philippine wildlife. In Avilon Zoo, you may feed some of the animals, and pose in front of the camera with its friendly primate, Trixie.

7. Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Riding a Ferris wheel has probably been everyone’s dream and source of childhood happiness (that is of course, if you’re not afraid of heights), because at some point in our lives, we had this feeling of wanting to reach the sky. The Sky Eye in Sky Ranch Tagaytay leaves its passengers more than happy as it takes them closest to the sky, with a scenic view of Taal Volcano just below. If you think you’ve grown out of your thrill-seeking self, then riding this giant Ferris wheel in Sky Ranch Tagaytay will most definitely be the perfect activity for you—because sometimes, all it takes to smile is a moment of calmness near the sky.

8. Sky Ranch Pampanga

Sky Ranch Pampanga
Sky Ranch Pampanga

Sky Ranch Pampanga only opened last year November, but it equally matches the veteran amusement and theme parks in the country. Its Ferris wheel, the Pampanga Eye, is the tallest and biggest one in the Philippine. The park has a variety of kiddie rides, like the park’s Double Decker Carousel and the Wonderflight, and extreme rides, like the Dream Log. There are also gaming booths—that give away prizes to skilled players—scattered around the area, making Sky Ranch Pampanga your all-around weekend getaway.

9. Kidzania Manila

Kidzania Manila
Kidzania Manila

Kidzania Manila is, as the name of the edutainment park itself states… for kids. Sorry, adults! What makes Kidzania Manila unique to most theme parks out there is that it is specially constructed for children—it’s a place in which buildings, roads, and other things are kid-sized. This downscaled world allows children aged 4 to 14 to explore the park without the restraints a typical theme park would have on them (like height and age restrictions). Here, children are also given the opportunity to act the roles of adults in this small-scaled city, so they get entertained, and at the same time educated.

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