What Makes the iPhone 6 an Ideal Smartphone for Travelers?

There used to be a time where the main benefit of having mobile phones while traveling was the fact that you could make calls with it. That’s it. But with the introduction of the Apple iPhone, everything changed. The introduction of apps, high-resolution displays and photos that looked much better than those taken with point-and-shoot cameras ensured its lock on the list of travel must-haves. Now on its 6th official iteration, the iPhone is leagues better than when it first emerged on the market. It’s the leading smartphone by far and there are several great reasons why travelers should grab an iPhone 6 for their latest adventure.

iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 Plus

1. The Best Travel Apps

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Many users choose Apple devices because of the fantastic app market it offers. Apple is much more strict with their app store so you’re much more at ease knowing that the app you’re downloading has been checked to ensure it won’t grab your personal info or harm your phone. There are a lot of exclusive apps as well! Sure, a lot of the popular travel apps are available for other markets, but they almost always debut on Apple devices first. Travelers can download an app for everything they need, from photography to social media and more.

iPhone 6 Camera
iPhone 6 Camera

2. Excellent Camera

There’s just something about the ease of use of the iPhone 6 that puts it ahead of the competition. When you’re in a hurry to take a snap that only comes once in a lifetime, you’ll appreciate the simplicity that comes with the iPhone camera. These 8 megapixel cameras have improved image stabilization so you can count on stunning photos that aren’t out of focus. Other important functions include slow motion and time-lapse so you can make amazing videos as well!

3. Better Battery Life

It’s no surprise that travelers tend to choose phones that offer great battery life. Who wants to spend a holiday lugging around powerbanks or rushing to hotels to charge their phone? The iPhone 6 offers better battery life than its predecessor so you can enjoy your time out more. Need to check your email, take a lot of photos, go on a video call overseas and play a few games to pass the time? That’s all easily achievable with the new iPhone 6. With the improved processor inside it, the battery optimization is even better!

4. Large, Crisp Display (But Not Too Large!)

One of the many gripes that many people had with the previous iPhones was that its screen was too small. With the iPhone 6, those complaints were addressed. Boasting 4.7 inches of screen space makes it a bigger phone, but it’s definitely not unwieldy to use. It’s still slim, sexy and extremely easy to keep in pockets. Its screen is much more durable as well so those who are prone to dropping their phone won’t have to worry about their displays breaking that easily.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

5. Two Words, One Big Security Relief: Touch ID

Traveling means you’ll be bringing important and vital information stored on your phone everywhere you go. If something happens and you happen to lose your phone, the paranoia of someone else having your personal information could give you an anxiety attack! But with Touch ID, those worries are gone. Your fingerprint serves as your password. Since you take it with you everywhere, you don’t have to remember complicated strings of numbers and letters. That’s one less thing on your mind so go and focus on that dream vacation of yours!

These are just a few of the many reasons why the iPhone 6 is the ideal smartphone for travelers. The best part is that you’ll get to know the rest once you finally use it on your first trip with it!

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