How to become a Digital Nomad?

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Do you want to become a Digital Nomad?

We all know what a nomad; a person with no fixed abode, wandering and exploring at will. So what’s a Digital Nomad exactly? A lost robot? A computer on a sabbatical? No. A Digital Nomad is a term for people who live a nomadic existence through the power of modern technology. After all who needs a fixed landline in the age of mobility? And who needs a 9-5 when you can earn income online?

Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad

Technology, when used correctly, frees us to do the things we love – like travel and explore the world. A quick Google search for the term Digital Nomad yields millions of results, including blogs, sites, and online communities of people living this dream.

So how, exactly, do they do it?

1. Blogging

Your blog is your Digital Nomad passport, it’s your travel journal, your resume, and your business card. It’s how you share your experiences, give and receive advice, build your own community, and also promote and sell your business services.

If you put in the hard work and manage to find a unique, unsaturated niche you may also find your blog has become so successful that it can generate a significant proportion of the income you need just through ads and affiliate marketing revenue.

Travel Blogging
Travel Blogging

So, if you’re wondering how to be a digital nomad the first step is to get prepared. Set up your blog (either with your own domain or hosting or through a free service like WordPress or Blogger) and start to build your audience first. It’s hard, time-consuming work so better to start it now, rather than trying to start a travel blog from scratch when you’re on the road.

The thing is nobody wants to read a blog that’s been done a million times already. Success in such a crowded field requires you to think outside the box and come up with a fresh approach or a unique hook that readers haven’t encountered before, so be prepared to do a lot of soul searching and keyword research, plus plenty of outreach via email and social media to grow your audience.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to earn income on the go. Even if you’d rather not do it full time it’s still a great safety net to have. Designers, developers, writers, proofreaders, and translators – these are obvious professions that are always in high demand.

The thing is you don’t necessarily need to have a technical or design background to freelance, there’s plenty of freelancing “gigs” out there that are not only easy to do, many of them are a lot of fun too! So be sure to check out the miscellaneous job categories where you’ll find lots of cool and quirky ways to make money online.

Freelance Work
Freelance Work

Keep in mind, however, that working and traveling at the same time isn’t easy. There are deadlines to meet and many clients will want to stay in regular contact.

This isn’t a problem if you’re in a modern city with ubiquitous wifi and reliable 5G internet, but if you’re on the move, especially in countries with poor infrastructure, you may encounter difficulties.

3. Set Up A Business

An online business can be a great earner but it does have its disadvantages. As mentioned, you’re somewhat limited as to where you can travel by the need to be in regular contact via a robust internet connection.

Secondly, it’s a somewhat solitary affair – where you spend the majority of your time indoors and on your own. So sort of like a 9-5, except you don’t get to meet anybody.

Online Business
Online Business

Of course one thing about travel, it offers lots of great opportunities and, if you’re instilled with the entrepreneurial spirit, you’re likely to see new opportunities wherever you go. Digital nomads think this way by default.

Sometimes they pick up temporary work in bars or farms, other times they set up their own businesses, operating as freelance interpreters and tour guides. Don’t forget your skills and hobbies either. Know how to scuba dive? Good, I don’t, I’ve only done it once and would really like an instructor.

The fact is regardless of your knowledge and skillsets, there’s always something you can do to earn money on the go. Find that thing and you can earn a decent living no matter where the road takes you!

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