Travel Blogging 101 : Why do you want to Blog?

After having an eventful afternoon with fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers yesterday, I realize that the world is full of travel bloggers these days and thats definitely a fact. Some travel bloggers I’ve known comes from different backgrounds and all of them has a compelling reasons and interesting stories to share. From retirees looking for something to do, recent college grads who can’t find work and go traveling, freelance photographers, seasoned travelers, backpackers and those who are previously in print media that have made the transition to new media such as blogs.

Estan Cabigas
Estan Cabigas in Batanes

Estan Cabigas of – I’m primarily a solo traveler and being on the road, I get to experience so many things: the local culture, the landscape, the people, the taste, and the overall feeling of traveling these land often overwhelms me. This got me thinking: why not share these with people who might want to be in my shoes too? To let them know that there’s this piece of paradise, there’s this very delicious food, there’s this beautiful culture that makes one proud to be Filipinos. I want also people to discover that the Philippines is not just negative news and messy politics but there is a whole lot of wonders to be had if they just come and experience it.

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There is no doubt, the internet nowadays is full of blogs about people traveling. Since creating a travel blog does not require a nosebleed programing knowledge, it’s easy to forget that the best blogs require planning, thought, and even objectives.

Gael Hilotin
Gael Hilotin

Gael Hilotin of – I blog not to brag about my travels. I blog to help… I blog to help boost the Philippine tourism & economy: I’ve always believed in ” Kapag my turismo, may trabaho”. I want to inspire solo travelers like me. A lot of people wants to travel, but they don;t have the guts to do so because of a lot of reasons like budget constraint, or in the case of solo travelers, some have this fear of flowing against the norms of society. It’s really heartwarming whenever someone esp a girl emails me saying, “I’ve always wanted to travel but I couldn’t because my friends and family thinks it’s carzy & dangerous to travel solo, but reading about your story helped me realized that I;m not alone and if you can do it, then I can too.” People change, and my blog reflects that somehow somewhere during my journey…I’ve grown up. So stop dreaming, start blogging! 🙂

Ask yourself, why do you want to blog about travel? What is it that you want to accomplish? If you can’t answer these questions, chances are that you are all over the map in terms of your content and readership. If you don’t know why you’re blogging or what you want to accomplish, it is highly doubtful whether your readers can figure it out either.

Dongho in Mountain Province

Dongho of Escape IslandI believe there’s so much to show the world of what we Filipinos can really be proud of. I always share that every time I travel and meet people along the way, I realize that what is ordinary to me is extraordinary to them and what’s ordinary to them is extraordinary to me.

If you are the foremost expert on a destination or a type of travel then you shouldn’t litter your blog with other stories and instead concentrate on your niche and forget the “blog all you can” concept. Stick to your topic. Chances are that someone else will rank higher in search engines on other topics. Pick your niche and stick to it.

Izah Morales

Izah Morales of – Tripadora was born because of hope, belief, and love. Life should be lived to the fullest. I have started writing about my misadventures and adventures with the hope that these would help and encourage travelers to explore the Philippines. Filipinos should not be strangers in their own country or to put it with emphasis, ‘Wag tayong maging dayuhan sa sarili nating bansa. Tourism in the Philippines has great potentials, which should be made known to the world. I believe that our country will progress when the tourism sector is empowered. I love the Philippines and this is my contribution to help the Pearl of the Orient regain its luster.

The old adage in writing literature is that you should write about what you know, if you can’t do that, then literally, you won’t know what you are writing about and in that case you can’t expect anyone to actually care about your work. If you are simply writing for yourself, that’s fine, but blogs are about sharing and community and you might be better off with a good old fashioned journal instead.

Badjao Stitls at Rio Hondo Zamboang City
James at Badjao Stitls in Rio Hondo Zamboanga City

James Betia of – I blog about my travels because I want something to lookback to and show my kids the places I have been too. Utimately, I want to encourage fellow Filipinos to travel and explore the beauty of their own country and that budget (or lack of) is not a problem if you really want to travel.

One way to find your focus is to sit down and use a good old fashioned pen and paper. Make a list of everything you want from blogging. Are you blogging to keep a personal travel record? Do you blog because you want to share your travel and travel ideas with friends and family? Do you blog in the hopes of achieving fame? Is making money your ultimate blogging goal?Are you trying to break into a career as a travel writer? These are the most common reasons people get into travel blogging, but they aren’t the end of the list. Only you can really say why you want to share your experience with the entire world.

edcel suyo
Edcel Suyo in Macau

Edcel Suyo of – I blog about my travels so I may not forget what I’ve been through and how I was able to experience them. I want to share my sentiments to others and hopefully connect — even in the smallest details. Also, this keeps me grounded because of the things that remind me on what I should be thankful for. I get a lot of useful information out of searching for places online and blogging about my travels is my way of giving back as well as paying it forward.

Maybe you have never traveled and you simply want to dream about the places that you wish you will see or maybe you are the ultimate light weight traveler who wears nothing but underpants and makes Rolf Potts ‘No Baggage Challenge’ look like a Victorian safari complete with porters. Are you blogging because you want to share your pictures, your stories, or both? Do you have an insider edge on travel deals and you want to share them with the world? Do you really know why you are blogging about travel? You need to.

Blogs where the author has no goals or objectives fall all over the map. Literallly. This can be confusing for the blogger, for readers, and even for potential advertisers. Take the time to figure out why you are blogging and you will find that your readership will increase, your blog will take on new life, and you might even start to make some money. That is, if you want to.

Thanks to Estan, Dongho, Ed, Gael, Izah and James for sharing your thoughts. How about you? Why do you blog about your travels?


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