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7 Kid-Friendly Mountains in the Philippines

Kid-Friendly Mountains in the Philippines

Although there are quite a number of mountains to climb here in the Philippines, taking little ones along is not as popular in the country as it is in others. Many parents are hesitant about bringing their kiddos to such adventures since they get worried about their comfort, safety and many other things.

Walking in the Sky in Mount Pulag photo by Shiny Bulotano
Walking in the Sky in Mount Pulag photo by Shiny Bulotano

But, the thing is that, there are actually a lot of kid-friendly mountains available in the country. Our peaks are not as high as others and while some certainly have more challenging trails, most of them are easy enough even for toddlers and babies to be tagged along.

Not convinced? Check out the list below:

Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag has recently been under spotlight due to its sad state (overcrowded; damaged trails).

The reason for this is that even though the mountain is the third highest peak in the entire country, it offers a fairly easy climb through the Ambangeg Trail. I have known at least two parents who brought their toddlers to the top through that trail although I am not quite sure if Ambangeg is still open today for hikers.

Mt Pulag by Justin Jovellanos via Flickr Creative Commons
Kid-Friendly Mountains – Mt Pulag by Justin Jovellanos via Flickr Creative Commons

Mt. Pinatubo

A hike to Mt. Pinatubo is considered as one of the most dangerous activities to do in the whole world as it is still in active status. Although the volcano has had among the largest eruptions in the 20th century, it is still a very popular destination for many people including kids and parents.

Kid-Friendly Mountains - Mount Pinatubo Crater
Mount Pinatubo Crater

The hike to the crater from the jump-off point takes about 20 minutes on average and does not have a lot of elevation change, making it perfect for beginners and kiddos. The view at the crater lake will make you feel transported in another place.

Mt. Batulao

Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas
Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas

Mount Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas is extremely appealing to hikers because of its close proximity and easy access from Manila as well as its breathtaking views. The gently rolling hills make it a perfect running ground for the kiddos and its well-established trails mean you do not have to worry too much about taking the little ones. You can take either of the two trails and even camp overnight if you want.

Osmeña Peak

Osmena Peak
Osmena Peak

Osmena Peak, as it is widely known, is among, if not THE, easiest climb to do in Cebu. It takes around 20 minutes to reach the top from the jump-off point although it is mostly ascending. Even so, it is a perfect place to bring kids as you are rewarded with cool temperatures and a breathtaking view. You may even decide to camp overnight to experience the chill at Cebu’s Little Baguio.

Mt. Naupa


While the trek to the campsite at Mt. Naupa is a rather lengthy one compared to OPeak, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s harder for the little ones. In fact, they might just be able to walk by themselves without a problem (although some ascents may need assistance). The campsite is huge and has a great view of southern Cebu although it isn’t as cold as other mountains.

Mt. Manunggal

The outdoors is a great place to teach your kids about many things and, this time around, it will be on nature and history. Mt. Manunggal is the famous crash site of former President Ramon Magsaysay and there are, in fact, a marker and a few remnants of the plane. It doesn’t require a lot of hiking but it does offer a great campsite for adults and kids to enjoy.

Mt. Puting Bato

Mount Puting Bato Peak
Mount Puting Bato Peak

The small island of Samal, about twenty minutes away from Davao City, actually has a hidden mountaintop gem. Mt. Puting Bato is the highest point in the island and is also a great side trip to bring kids to. It requires only around 30 minutes of walking; it is the habal-habal ride to the jump-off point that is more challenging.

Are you now ready to take your little ones to new adventures?

Written by Pam Baroro

Pam is a millennial mom who loves to explore the outdoors to camp, hike, trek and backpack with her partner and their 3-year-old daughter. When not out for (mis)adventures, she moonlights as a freelance writer, blogger and ghostwriter. Check out their family travel blog at Hey, Miss Adventures!

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