OPPO Introduces Next-Gen Camera Technology With 10x Lossless Zoom; Product To Be Showcased At The MWC 2019

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OPPO unveils next-gen camera technology 10x lossless zoom, product to be showcased at MWC 2019

Manila, Philippines – During the 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference, OPPO launches its forthcoming next-gen camera 10x lossless zoom technology. During the conference, OPPO stated that the 10x lossless zoom technology meets the commercial standards and is set for mass production. OPPO will also showcase the breakthrough technology at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

Triple Camera Seamlessly Enables 10x Zoom

OPPO Next-Gen Camera 10x Lossless Zoom
OPPO Next-Gen Camera 10x Lossless Zoom

OPPO employs the new technology and developed a triple-camera solution, with the “Ultra Wide Angle + Ultra Clear Master + Telephoto”. The Ultra Wide Angle camera has an equivalent focal range of 15.9mm which brings the unique capability to the wide-angle viewfinder. The primary camera guarantees high-quality photo and the telephoto camera, with a 159mm equivalent focal range, combines the original “peep-up structure” to support the high-magnification zoom and ensures a high-quality long-distance shot.

Innovative “Tripe-Camera-Relay” 10x Lossless Zoom Technology

All of these three cameras operate in tandem to maximize their respective advantages and optimize image quality at various zoom ranges to achieve 10x zoom in a relay manner. To maintain the high-quality image at all ranges, OPPO has introduced a dual OIS optical image stabilization on both standard and telephoto cameras.

OPPO 10x Lossless Zoom
OPPO 10x Lossless Zoom

Creates A Clearer Telephoto Quality

In addition to the new triple-camera structure, OPPO’s pioneering and original technology, the “periscope structure”, is also paramount to achieving 10x lossless zoom.

The periscope-inspired design makes full use of the thickness and width of the phone through the lateral arrangement and refraction of the lens set. The mobile phone can use a larger optical component under the premise of ensuring that the smart phone’s body is light and thin so that the mobile phone has a telephoto shooting capability.

OPPO also uses the industry benchmark-level drop tests to ensure the camera module’s reliability. The prism part experienced two rounds of drop tests, with each round consisting of 10,000 times on the front and back sides and 2,000 times on the remaining four sides, completing a total of 28,000 drop tests.

OPPO 10x Lossless Zoom Camera
OPPO 10x Lossless Zoom Camera

Introducing The Next-Generation Biometrics

As OPPO’s “last surprise” during the communication conference, OPPO also released a new wide zone optical fingerprint recognition technology, which effectively recognizes an area of up to 15 times of the current mainstream optical solution. Users can now unlock or pay by just using their fingerprint. The on-screen optical fingerprint sensor also provides the user with a free, flexible, and interactive experience that is easy, natural, and just right.

The wide zone optical fingerprint recognition contains innovative function: The two-finger simultaneous entry and authentication which exponentially improve the payment security, achieving and improving the security level of at least 50,000 times compared with a single fingerprint.

The next-generation solution also incorporates the “Optical Encryption” feature. Compared to the traditional two-step operations where a user has to activate the encryption application before they are able to unlock, all the applications under the “Optical Encryption Area” can be activated, authenticated, and unlocked with just one click.

As suggested by an OPPO spokesperson, all the products equipped with the optical domain screen fingerprint technology will be launched in 2019.

To enhance the user experience, technology breakthroughs in smartphone technology is crucial. As an important enabler of mobile imaging technology, OPPO is continuously exploring and innovating in the field of mobile computing optics, placing itself at the forefront of the industry.

OPPO 10x Lossless Zoom Infographic
OPPO 10x Lossless Zoom Infographic

As the pioneer of hybrid optical zoom technology, OPPO is bringing mobile photography one step closer towards the professional image quality.

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