Hinugyaw Festival in Intramuros History Town

I’ve been to Koronadal City twice already but I never got the chance to witness Hinugyaw Festival. Good thing I visited Intramuros last Saturday to checkout Clamshell since they are featuring Southern Mindanao’s arts, food, culture and festivals.

Mindanao Muslim Dance
Hinugyaw Festival

At exactly 4:30pm, they started the show by showcasing the colorful and upbeat curltural dances of Hinugyaw Festival of Koronadal City also known as Marbel. The Festival is a weeklong celebration (January 3 -10) of merry-making, street dancing, beer and food festivals, concerts and musicals, funfare and trade exhibits and the most celebrated Hinugyaw Street Dancing Competition.

Koronadal city in Intramuros 4
Traditional Muslim Dance

Apart from most awaited activities, you can also visit Cadidang Cave, Cabillon Falls, Siok Falls, Suppon Falls, El Gawel Resort and Wildlife sanctuary and The Farm at Captenter Hill while in Koronadal City.

Hinugyaw Festival in Intramuros
Hinugyaw in Intramuros

There are plenty of accommodation options in the City of Koronadal, you can choose to stay in a affordably-priced hotels, tourist inns and several lodging houses.

Koronadal Hotels Phone Numbers :

Marvella Plaza – (083) 228-2327 or 228-3784
Ramona Plaza Hotel – (083) 228-3390 or 228-3284
Del Rio Splash Resort (083) 228-7160

Muslim Dances
Hinugyaw Dances

Restaurants in Koronadal City  – Different Restaurants are conviniently located in the city. Since Koronadal is near General Santos City, seafoods and other native foods are abundant. Chinese, American and Continental dishes are also available in some restaurants.

How to Get There

  • By Air : Accessible via Cotabato City and General Santos City
  • By Sea : Accessible via General Santos Seaport
  • By Land : Accessible by buses and air-conditioned vans, Cotabato to Koronadal City is two hours drive while GenSan to Koronadal is just 1 hour drive.

Koronadal Tourism Information

City Government of Koronadal
Tel: (+6383) 288-2438
Fax: (+6383) 288-4141

Department of Tourism XII
Tel : (+6364) 421-1110
Fax : (+6364) 421-7868
Email : sohura@yahoo.com

Thanks to Senator Richard Gordon for initiating the project called “Intramuros : History Town” and for promoting inbound tourism.

  1. brimon raabago says

    I really like their dance and custumes.I was there when they perform it.

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