Torogan : Royal House of Maranao’s


    A visit in the Islamic City of Marawi will not be complete without visiting a traditional Maranao House called Torogan. The Torogan is the ancestral house and the royal residence of the upper-class Maranao. It is commonly found in Marawi City and other areas in Lanao del Sur province.

    Within the sultanate, no one can have a house bigger than the Torogan which is the dwelling place of the datu along with his wives and children. Living in a traditional Torogan house signifies rank, prestige and wealth.

    Torogan Replica

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    Jolo in Sulu has its own version of Torogan which is mainly made from Nipa and huge Bamboo. Just like in Marawi City, Torogan in Sulu, The torogan is also used for a variety of socio-religious gatherings such as weddings, funeral wakes, conferences and even for court proceedings.

    The existing torogans in Marawi City were built by the community and the lower class citizens for the datu in 1800s. In Intramuros, A replica of the Torogan can be found right beside the Clamshell.



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