Best Beaches in Albay Province

List of the best Albay Province Beaches

Guinanayan Island photo by Mariane Tagaca

Unspoiled Beaches in Albay Province

Albay is a miracle of nature. A province belonging to the Bicol Region of the Philippines, Albay as a tourism spot, should be in every local Pinoy (and foreigners, too!) traveler’s bucket list. Your travel experience in this province will indeed remain as an ethereal memento.

Guinanayan Island in Albay photo by Mariane Tagaca
Guinanayan Island in Albay photo by Mariane Tagaca

Albay is simply beautiful. It offers a captivating blend of both nature and history. One of the main features of Albay as a tourist hotspot, which the local government prides itself for, is the pristine condition of its historical landmarks.

These travel hotspots within the province of Albay remain untouched by commercialization and urbanization, presenting a look of beauty as if you are peering into a time machine.

Sandbar in Guinanayan Island Albay photo by Mariane Tagaca
Sandbar in Guinanayan Island Albay photo by Mariane Tagaca

Because of the beauty of Albay, it was added to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. But Albay is not only known for its calming touch of nature and pristine historical landmarks. Another selling point of Albay is the province’s breathtaking collection of beaches.

In this article, we will take you around the different beaches in Albay that you might want to look into for future visits:

Best Time to Visit Albay

Albay experiences a hot climate with high humidities. Typhoons, storms, and rains are also considered to be a natural occurrence all year round.

Albay experiences its coldest climate during mid-January to early February, while May and June remain the hottest months in Albay.

When it comes to the best time to visit the province, mid-May to early June is the most recommended time of the year. While it is hot, you will benefit from the dry season that would help prevent inconveniences that rain and mud would bring to your travel plans.

Beaches in Bacacay, Albay

Pinamuntugan Beach

Pinamuntugan Beach photo by Josa Braganza via Facebook Page
Pinamuntugan Beach photo by Josa Braganza via Facebook Page

Pinamuntugan Beach, also sometimes spelled as Pinamuntogan Beach, is the beach that lines the Pinamuntugan Island, a beautiful island cove tucked away in the waters of Bacacay.

Pinamuntugan Beach is well known for its breathtaking sunsets when the sun seems to be kissing the horizon. It certainly is an excellent time to relax and enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.

Some cottages could be rented during the day. However, be informed that there is no running electricity within the island, and there are no stores to buy your supplies and necessities from. Therefore, if you plan to stay overnight at this beach, I suggest that you come prepared.

How to Get to Bacacay

There are many ways that you could get to Bacacay from Manila.

If you are traveling by air, simply book a flight from Manila to Legazpi. From Legazpi, there are bus terminals that can directly drop you off at Bacacay.

If you are traveling by land from Manila to Legazpi, you may board a bus to take you directly to Tabaco City. From there, you may take a bus to Bacacay.

Beaches in Manito, Albay

Ilologan Beach

Beach in Manito Albay photo via Manito Albay LGU FB Page
Beach in Manito Albay photo via Manito Albay LGU FB Page

This is one of the main attractions that Manito is known for. It is famous for the white sand beaches and deep blue waters that meet the clear skies.

Unlike Pinamuntugan Beach, Ilologan Beach is thriving in the tourism trade. It is an ideal space for retreat travel tours and water sports activities.

There are many choices for accommodation, from beach resorts to local cottages/rooms for rent.

How to Get to Manito

You can get to Manito by first reaching Legazpi City or Naga. From Legazpi or Naga, take a bus that will take you to Manito.

Beaches in Rapu-Rapu, Albay

Batan Island

Batan Island is an island barangay in Rapu-Rapu. Found in the waters by the Lagonoy Gulf. Aside from the stunning beach that borders the island, it is also well known for nature and waterfalls hidden beyond the island’s jungles.

This is a true experience of island life and nature as you plunge and dive deep in the clear blue waters that house corals by the shore and enjoy yourself in the calm cradle of nature.

Guinanayan Island

Guinanayan Island photo by Mariane Tagaca
Guinanayan Island photo by Mariane Tagaca

Another must-visit beach during your Albay trip, Guinanayan Island, is known for its creamy shoreline and idyllic nature preserve.

There are bamboo huts that you can rent. Also, don’t forget to taste the fresh seafood and coconut juice available on the island.

For overnight accommodations, you can rent a small, 2-3 people tent for P150. Larger tents can be rented for P500.

How to Get to Rapu-Rapu

Rapu-Rapu can be reached by getting on a plane to Legazpi City and from there, take a bus that is bound for Rapu-Rapu or will reach Rapu-Rapu on its route.

Other beaches in Albay Province

Matalibong Black Sand Beach

As a sharp contrast to all the white sand beaches in this list, here is a black sand beach in Tiwi, Albay, that you probably have not heard of.

It remains untouched by tourism despite being a unique and relaxing place to be in.

Sogod Black Sand Beach

Sogod Black Sand Beach photo by Rene Benitez Robosa via FB
Sogod Black Sand Beach photo by Rene Benitez Robosa via FB

While Tiwi has its own black sand beach that has remained under the radar of tourists, Bacacay also has its own.

Sogod Black Sand Beach is famous and featured in various documentaries, TV shows, and websites. The sand is as black as coal and offers a beautiful beachscape overlooking the horizon.

What are you waiting for? Book your flight to visit these beaches now.

Albay Beaches Youtube Video

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