Fashion + Food : Entertaining at Home in Style by Jenni Epperson

Earlier, I attended a book signing event in SM North Edsa The Block. This time its not for a travel book, Its for Jenni Epperson’s Fashion + Food Book that she recently launched. I’m not into fashion but I occasionally visit Jenni Eppersons blog to checkout her recipes and fantastic food shots. I’m also into food pornography so it follows that I visit fellow food pornographers blog once in a while.

jenni talks
Jenni Epperson at SM North Edsa The Block

Jenni Epperson’s blog is all about fashion and food thats why when she had an opportunity to write a book, she made it sure that it will be all about fashion and food.

Jenni Epperson's Book Signing
Jenni Epperson’s Book Signing at SM North The Block

During the event, Jenni answered all the questions from fellow bloggers who attended the event. I admire her simplicity and sincerity in everything she says. She’s really good example of an ideal modern women who believes that there’s always a better way to do things.. No wonder she excels on everything she does.

fashion book
Q & A with Pinoy Bloggers

“Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style” is a book that shows how a simple meal look special. The book showcases her food plating talent and her ability to choose perfect color combination for everything that we see on top of her table.

The book is complete with fantastic photos taken by her hubby Tom Epperson. The beautiful layout and overall design of the book was made possible by by Dix Perez – Jenni’s trusted layout artist.

“Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style” by Jenni Epperson is available at National Bookstore for only P1100.

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