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Partying the Night Away at the AirAsia Blogger’s Community 2015 in Bangkok

AirAsia Blogger’s Community 2015 Party in Bangkok

Something big awaits every blogger that night at the AABC 2015. The photo hunt rally held earlier was just the appetizer. For came six in the evening, we were all treated to a night of entertainment, good food, excitement, and culture.

registration started at 6pm

The AirAsia Blogger’s Community Evening Party took place at the Sky Lounge of Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn. The blogger delegates from several countries showcased a piece of their culture by wearing their national costumes. Some went for the traditional look while others opted for a modern twist. Still, the event appeared like an elegant gathering of various cultures. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

opening number 3
opening number

opening number 2
femme fatale

opening number
entertaining production

The amusing opening performance followed by the enthusiastic greeting of the emcee signaled the start of the event. After welcoming all the guests and attendees, Mr. Santisuk Klongchaiya was called onstage to give his official welcome address.

the enthusiastic emcee

welcome address
welcome address being delivered by Mr. Santisuk Klongchaiya

Shortly after his brief yet cordial speech, the photo hunt rally winners were announced. The first three groups who finished the challenge first were given enticing prizes courtesy of AirAsia, Divana, and King Power.

third placer
3rd place

Second Place
2nd place

Third Place
1st place

A five-piece band entertained guests with upbeat and contemporary music while the latter indulged in various tasty cuisines and refreshing drinks served that night. It was the perfect time to get to know our teammates from different countries better and bond with our fellow Filipino bloggers. Another highlight of the party was the steaming and fierce dance number of AirAsia’s ground staff. We were in awe as each staff member swayed their hips and moved their limbs to the beat.

band performance
live band entertainment

buffet food
one of the many cuisines served

Our efforts to showcase our national costumes didn’t go unnoticed as AirAsia gave out a Best Dressed Award that night. The top three contenders were from South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. They all looked graceful and dazzling in their national costumes, but in the end, the blogger from Thailand got a unanimous vote as the best-dressed guest.

best dressed
top three contenders for the best dressed award

Of course, AirAsia didn’t let the party end without giving guests an exciting treat. What else but 20 roundtrip flights to any destination, plus two round-trip tickets to Bali with accommodation! It was a big treat for all the winners.

team PH
fellow Filipino bloggers

team Philippines photo by Yen Dreyfus of The Tummy Traveler

To cap the fun night away, the floor was opened for a DJ dance party. The successful event was concluded with a thank you note and closing ceremony. It was, indeed, an amazing night to remember with new found friends.

Written by Kim Buenafe

Kim has been living (or rather, trying to live) by her life motto: move, eat, learn, inspire. And she thinks life has been awesome so far. This freelance writer, part-time social media manager, and full-time traveler enjoys watching the world happen while binging on ice cream.

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