Smooth Ride to and from KL-BKK-MNL via AirAsia

My Manila – Bangkok flight experience with AirAsia

Traveling on a budget means going for the more practical choice in everything. And this includes the airline that will take you to your destination. When in comes to budget air travel, AirAsia is a popular choice among travelers for the value-for-money experience it offers.

Manila Bangkok Flights.
flight from BKK to KL

It was half an hour past six in the morning when our plane bound for Kuala Lumpur left Manila. Every single passenger was greeted with friendly smiles from the cabin crew. The flight departure was right on time. This marked a great start to a new adventure that awaits us in Bangkok.

airasia taal view
taal volcano spotted from above

Shortly after take off, the in-flight meals were served. AirAsia brushes off the common notion of having to eat bland airline meals by offering a varied menu of tasty Asian, international and vegan fares. From rice meals and pasta dishes down to burgers and wraps, you’re guaranteed of a sumptuous in-flight meal that will leave your palate filled and satisfied. The meals are served hot so you get to savor every bit of flavor and it also come with a dessert and a drink.

airasia inflight meals
beef caldereta, sinful chocolate cake, and pineapple juice

inflight meals air asia
chicken curry and water

The ride up above was smooth and steady, only to be disturbed by the seldom cries of babies and the inevitable air turbulence. The captain and cabin crew make it a point to update the passengers on necessary information.

airasia manila bangkok flights
now everyone can fly

Flying with AirAsia to and from Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Manila, or any other destination for that matter, was an experience that won’t rob you off and leave you with low-cost service. Yes, AirAsia is a budget airline, so legroom and aisle space isn’t something you’ll look forward to. But the other conveniences that come with it, such as the accommodating cabin crew, tasty meals, and efficient service, sure put a lot of value to your hard-earned money. Now that’s an awesome way to jumpstart your trip.

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