Must See Destinations In The Philippines
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7 Must See Destinations In The Philippines That Have Yet To Be Discovered

7 Undiscovered Destinations In The Philippines That Are Worth Experiencing

If you’re planning to go out of town and have no particular place in mind, you will just browse the net and check out travel blogs, right? More often than not, what you will see are the top destinations. The likes of Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Mayon Volcano in Albay and of course, the ever famous white sands of Boracay are the usual places that will appear.

ISLA DE GIGANTES Must See Destinations In The Philippines
ISLA DE GIGANTES – Must See Destinations In The Philippines

But what if, you’ve been to these places already and you really wanna try something new; see a different place, have a new experience? Do you know that there are so many undiscovered destinations in the Philippines that you will definitely love to see for yourself?

Here are seven must-see destinations in the Philippines that are as worth visiting as the tourist spots you’ve probably visited in the past.

ISLA DE GIGANTES (Carles, Iloilo)

Isla De Gigantes or also known as Islands of Giants is located in Iloilo. It is a group of islands in Northeaster Iloilo that is still underdeveloped; rich in fresh seafood, with ragged rocks formations, and has unspoiled white beaches.

Isla de Gigantes: Cabugao Island
Isla de Gigantes: Cabugao Island

The ragged rock formations have been the subject of local mystical tales too often that could be enough to land on the list of undiscovered tourist destinations in the Philippines.

To get to Isla de Gigantes, take a plane via Manila – Iloilo City and when you are there, take a bus to Estancia then ride a pump boat to Gigantes Norte

TINUY-AN FALLS (Bislig, Surigao del Sur)

Tinuy-an Falls by Rolly Magpayo
Tinuy-an Falls Photo credit: Rolly Magpayo via / CC BY-NC-ND

Located at Barangay Borboanan, Bislig City, Tinuy-an Falls is a 55 meter high and 95 meter wide waterfalls. The area surrounding the waterfalls is covered with tall trees and vast vegetation that makes the place look all the more wonderful and truly eye catching.

To get to Tinuy-an Falls; take a plane via Manila – Butuan, Agusan del Norte. If you’re from the mainland, you can ride a van or bus going to Mangagoy, Bislig then ride a motorcycle and ask the driver to take you to Tinuy-an Falls.

CAGNIPA ROLLING HILLS (Pandan, Catanduanes)

Cagnipa Rolling Hills by Catanduanes Provincial Tourism Office FB
Cagnipa Rolling Hills by Catanduanes Provincial Tourism Office FB

Catanduanes Island faces the open sea, being located at the easternmost part of Bicol and because of this; it is often hit by typhoon. This is why it got the moniker, “the Land of the Howling Wind”. This might be the reason why it is not usually visited by the travellers. But, if you are one adventurous soul, why not try this spot and you will definitely find out for yourself that it is more than worth visiting. It has hidden coves, amazing falls and several white sand beaches.

To get to Cagnipa Rolling Hills, take a plane via Manila – Virac. You can also ride the bus from Manila – Albay then ride on a ferry going to Virac seaport. Ride a jeepney from there or you can also ride a bus going to Pandan.


Cambugahay Falls
Cambugahay Falls Photo credit: faithmariii via / CC BY-NC-SA

There is a 3-layered waterfalls in Siquijor and truly such a sight to behold. That is the Cambugahay Falls. The water is just so clear you will surely plunge in it once you’re there. The natural spring that flows into Lazi Bay is where the water of Cambugahay Falls comes from. Make sure though that if you want to jump from the uppermost part, you have a tour guide that can lead you towards a good diving area. The guides know the safest and best spots.

To get to Cambugahay Falls, take a plane via Manila to Dumaguete. From there, a ferry will take you to Siquijor. From there, ride a jeep to Lazi then you can hire a motorcycle going to Cambugahay.

TANGADAN FALLS (San Gabriel, La Union)

Tangadan Falls by The Lost Kids
Tangadan Falls by The Lost Kids

Do you want a perfect getaway especially to those who need an adrenaline rush? Well, La Union is just the perfect place for you. After all, it won’t be the North’s “Surfing Capital” for nothing. La Union is known for its wonderful beaches and playful waves; perfect for the surfing enthusiasts.

But though La Union had become well known for these bodies of water, there is an undiscovered tourist spot and that is the Tangadan Falls where the tourists can enjoy cliff diving and trekking.

To get there, ride a bus from Manila going to San Juan or San Fernando, La Union and take a jeepney going to San Gabriel when you arrive in either San Juan or San Fernando. When in San Gabriel, you can now hire a tricycle going to Barangay Dagup and you can now go to Tangadan Falls from there.


Quitinday Green Hills Formation Reserve
Quitinday Green Hills Formation Reserve

There is yet another tourist spot that remains undiscovered until now; the Quitinday Green Hills in Albay. This is quite similar to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol but appears greener because coconut trees spread all throughout the hills and it also has a grassy field. Aside from having this picturesque view, it also has Mayon Volcano as its background, making more enticing to look at. This is what you can say as the perfect spot.

You can get there through a plane via Manila – Legazpi City or ride a bus going to Albay. From there, you can ride a jeepney or tricycle going to the van terminal that can drop you near Quuitanday Green Hills.


Sunken Cemetery
Sunken Cemetery

Camiguin is a beautiful island located in Mindanao. It was actually shaped from a series of the eruption of Mt. Vulcan Daan in the year 1871. The lava from the volcanic eruptions buried the cemetery of the town and the giant cross is the only sign that there was once a cemetery in that spot. If a tourist would want to see the sunken cemetery, they have to go diving or snorkeling near the said spot to be able to take a look. You can also take a better view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok when you stand at the structure.

To get there, ride a ferry boat from the Cebu City Pier 8, from either Macabalan or Balingoan Port in Cagayan or from Jagna in Bohol.

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