New Fresh and Light Options from BonChon

Whether it’s recovering from the excesses of the holiday season or keeping this year’s resolution of eating right, customers will be delighted to know that BonChon offers fresh and light options that satisfy. Famous for its globally raved about crispy chicken as well as their delicious takes on classic Korean dishes, BonChon’s wide menu also features smart, healthy options.

Fresh and Light Options at BonChon
Fresh and Light Options at BonChon

The new BonChon Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad is an Asian-American palate-pleaser, featuring only the best ingredients: fresh romaine lettuce topped with chicken breast strips, crispy tofu, and tortilla pieces for a delightful crunch. This is topped with sesame seeds and served with a zesty Asian vinaigrette on the side. For added protein, extra chicken is available.

BonChon’s classic Caesar Salad is a favorite: fresh romaine lettuce topped with parmesan cheese and homemade croutons, and served with a delicious Caesar dressing made of real anchovies and fresh cracked black pepper. Diners may also add a delicious chicken breast.

Pair that delicious bowl of greens with BonChon Premium Iced Tea, a cult favorite which shines amidst a sea of overly-sweet fastfood counterparts. BonChon’s version is made of real brewed black tea lovingly infused with a brilliant, citrus note, served ice-cold. A nice balance of simple, fresh flavors – sweet, tangy, and the earthiness of real tea. No complicated mixes or fancy additives, just the natural flavors of citrus and tea balancing each other out in refreshing harmony. Go for less sugar with Premium Iced Tea Lite.

Start the year right by eating fresh and eat light at any BonChon store nationwide. For more information, log onto

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