15 Travel Writers Share Their Best Tips For Holiday Travel

Best Tips For Holiday Travel

How do you have a nice trip while staying on the original path and capturing thousands of unforgettable photos? Vacation is a much-anticipated time for everyone who spends most of his time at work. As a result, every minute of the future voyage must be meticulously planned. We learned how famous travel experts plan their trips and gathered some tips on how to make the trip unforgettable.

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What Are Some Great Tips For Holiday Travel?

Experienced travelers are convinced that traveling does not require a lot of money. Moreover, traveling independently, rather than through travel agencies, is both more profitable and interesting. All you need to have is a wish to travel and search for the right information.

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Best Tips For Holiday Travel
Best Tips For Holiday Travel

#1 Jack Maxwell

Jack Maxwell is the host of Booze Traveller on Travel Channel. He cautions travelers not to over plan. Excessive planning allows you to go beyond the expected, act spontaneously, explore many beautiful sites off the beaten path, and meet amazing people.

If the main purpose is to immerse yourself in local culture through discussion with local individuals, the author recommends not planning too much and instead simply enjoying communication with others.

#2 Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet contributes to JohnnyJet.com. He recommends that travelers spend more time in the lobby of a popular hostel. It allows you to meet other solo travelers who can help you learn more about the most interesting destinations.

#3 Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is a writer & Airline Miles Expert at ThePointsGuy.com. The main piece of advice from the expert is to go on group tours.

As a result, you will have the opportunity to meet other travelers. When visiting specific countries, they will advise you on where to go and what to avoid. You will almost certainly meet guides in the form of local residents who will give you a more in-depth look at the local culture. Local culture connoisseurs can be found on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree, WitchWith, Cooking, Eat With Me, and other sites.

#4 Jillian Dara

Jillian Dara is a travel writer for DuJour, Hemispheres, Travel & Leisure, and some other blogs. Before going on a trip, the author recommends doing some preliminary research.

This includes not only visiting popular attractions, restaurants, and bars but also learning about the customs and culture of the country where the trip will take place. It is also a good idea to leave some time in the itinerary in case you want to walk down an old street and look into the local courtyard.

#5 Matt Kepnes

Matt Kepness is a Travel Blogger for NomadicMatt.com. His main piece of advice appears to be “slow down.” Each traveler strives to see as many places as possible during his or her vacation, which is limited in time.

As a result, it is not surprising that people always try to fit in by visiting 20 attractions in one day. Finally, all he has to show are hastily taken photos and almost no deep impressions of the places he has visited. Slow down. Spend the day in the park, at a cafe, or simply admire the city from the viewing platform to capture the moment.

#6 Gemma Price

Gemma Price is a travel writer for Condé Nast Traveller, Departures, Wall Street Journal, etc. Her main piece of advice is to pack a travel bag with simple but necessary items such as:

  • Wipes with antiseptic properties for the armrest and table;
  • Medicines (for headaches, diarrhea, etc.);
  • A small pillow to avoid discomfort during the trip or flight;

#7 Gloria Atanmo

Gloria Atanmo is a Travel Blogger for TheBlogAbroad.com. While on a trip, she follows the advice “Always be prepared for disasters, big or small.” Nobody can guarantee that everything will go exactly as planned.

Something makes you feel like you are in a major disaster: a misplaced camera or charger, bad weather, missed transportation, and so on. As a result, one should always be prepared for unexpected situations.

#8 Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis is a travel writer for Forbes, TravelPulse, and Insider. One of the most important travel blogger tips is to record or learn five or more phrases that you may need on your trip to find out important information about sights, routes, and so on if there is no Wi-Fi nearby. It is also not unnecessary to bring allergy medication, itch cream, and beetle and mosquito repellent.

#9 Brooke Saward

She is a Travel & Lifestyle Blogger for WorldofWanderlust.com. The blogger recommends getting up and going to bed early.

This will not only allow you to see more attractions, but it will also keep you healthy or even alive. Nighttime is dangerous for tourists in many countries because they can become victims of street thieves.

#10 Zach Honig

He is an Editor-in-Chief for ThePointsGuy.com. He suggests making every effort to blend in with the locals. Avoid wearing bright clothing, remove all jewelry before leaving, and do not carry large sums of money with you to avoid being robbed inadvertently.

#11 Leila Najafi

She recommends never traveling with a large suitcase. If your vacation days are limited, you should not waste them searching for misplaced items at the airport. She recommends traveling with hand luggage and only a few personal belongings.

#12 Jacklyn Shields

The author warns against being overly carefree and certain of his own safety. If you need to use the services of a local taxi, request that the driver drop you off at the corner rather than directly in front of the housing gate. It will also make sense if you lock the front door to all available door locks just to feel safe.

#13 Nicola Easterby

Nicola Easterby is a Photographer & Blogger for PolkadotPassport.com. As his experience demonstrated, if you are going on a solo trip, you should notify friends and family.

Ascertain that you have someone who is aware of your location. Send your geolocation to them regularly. If the trip deviates from the original plan, your friends will always be able to locate and help you.

#14 Merissa Principe

Merissa Principe is a travel writer for CBS Local and HelloGiggles. As a travel writer, she recommends having the right apps! On her phone, she always has:

  • The application of the airline with which she travels. It allows her to receive mobile updates and terminal and gate information. Furthermore, some airlines charge bonus miles to their passengers.
  • Mobile passport. It enables her to quickly complete all of the necessary forms and documents, saving her a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, she always has a pre-packaged bag with everything she might need during the flight:

  • A laptop;
  • A charger;
  • A book;
  • Headphones;
  • Snacks, etc.

#15 Jeremy Scott Foster

Jeremy Scott Foster is a Travel Writer at TravelFreak.com. Before traveling abroad, he recommends learning how to send money to himself in another country. Overspending is a very common occurrence among travelers.

The worst thing that can happen to a traveler is to be in a foreign country without access to bank accounts. He recommends using TransferWise for sending and receiving payments around the world.


As you can see, there is a lot of good advice to follow. They will assist you in avoiding the most common mistakes made by inexperienced travelers and filling your vacation with only positive emotions.

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