Signs That You Are a Born Travel Writer

Coachella in April, playing with the elephants in Bangkok, New York City lights in November, winter in Amsterdam, guacamole in Mexico, koala bear in Australia and the list goes on. It’s pretty amazing how travel writers capture every moment with such detail and tell us a story about a particular travel which makes us feel like we are actually there while it was happening.
A lot of people dream about being a travel writer but the truth is, not everyone is cut out for it.

Travel Writer
Travel Writer

You don’t only travel and become a writer. You need to delve, you need to have a creative mind to vividly describe a place or a culture. Travel writing is actually a gift that not too many experiences but here are a few of the things you’re good at that can actually determine if you are a born travel writer.

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You’ve Got Will Power

Every great adventure starts out with a dream unless you are born rich and you started traveling at a young age but for most people, they typically began traveling in their 20s when they were already earning some money. And the urge to travel makes it difficult to resist that you just feel like you need to go out there to the jungle or the beach or another city but wherever it is, thinking about these places have a certain pull on you.

You Have a Keen Eye for Details

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi.

You don’t only visit a place, you immerse yourself into whatever culture they have there regardless if it’s a little loud for your taste or too tame for your eager appetite. You want to not only see the views but you also want to know the people, the history, what’s happening now and what is there to look forward to 5 years from now.

Signs That You Are a Born Travel Writer
Signs That You Are a Born Travel Writer

You Genuinely Love To Write

Writing is an art because you pour your heart out, you try to shout something loud to the world without actually raising your voice and you like entangling words because that’s just who you are. You always have an opinion about a lot of things and you speak about them through writing. And you like to travel which make things interesting.

You’re Flexible

You feel fine riding the bus or jeepney but you’re also fine experiencing a luxury train ride. You like street food but you also like caviar. You’re into opera and plays but you also enjoy simply watching kids do their dance marathon in the town plaza. You don’t feel any biases on many things because to you it all adds up to experience which is great because you’re not limiting yourself.

Signs That You can be a Travel Writer
Signs That You can be a Travel Writer

You’re not Afraid to Travel Alone

Some people are so scared of traveling by themselves maybe because there is unfamiliarity with the place, people and culture. Maybe it’s really in our nature to just talk and we feel so much better when we are talking to people we know or who are close to us. But if you feel like you can go anywhere without having to worry about what might happen to you and you can write a good narrative then chances are you are a born travel writer.

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