Travel Blogging 101: How to become a Certified Travel Blogger?

You’ve decided to join the ranks of the elite by setting forth to earn your certification as a travel blogger. The certification process to become a travel blogger is a long and arduous road, but the truth is that there is no certifying body for travel bloggers, though that may not always be the case.

Gael Hilotin of
Gael Hilotin of in Angkor Wat Cambodia

If you want to become a certified travel blogger, there are really just three things you have to do:

  1. Travel
  2. Write
  3. Have a Blog

Now let’s have a look at each of the requirements.

Joel Ador travel blog
Joel Aldor of in Nagcarlan Laguna Underground Cemetery

First you have to travel. Some people would argue with this, but the fact is that no matter how great a writer you are, it is impossible to write about what you have never experienced in a way that will draw readers to you.

Estan Cabigas of
Estan Cabigas of in Batanes

Sure, you can buy travel books and create imaginary stories about travel, but without the experience of actually meeting new people, seeing new things, and moving from one place to another, it is doubtful whether you will be able to create a blog that is compelling to readers. To give you a more helpful example, I have posted the photos and URL’s of some of the Philippines most popular travel bloggers.

James Betia of Journeying James
James Betia of Journeying James in Guimaras

In terms of travel, you also have to make sure that you know what kind of travel you are going to write about to. The travel niche is huge. You can write about business travel, international adventures, budget travel, Europe, or even create a blog about one specific area and everything there is to do there.

Valerie Teves of Weekend Haven

If you want to be a travel blogger, you need to have focus and be sure not to post your carpentry, makeup and witchcraft articles with your travel related ones.

edcel Suyo of
Edcel Suyo of in DMIA

Second, you need to be able to write. I must confess, Im not really a good writer but keeping your spelling, grammar & punctuation right will save your ass. This might sound obvious, but the truth is that the internet is littered with websites of people who wanted to blog about travel but didn’t realize that writing is a key component. Just creating a site called John’s Travel Blog doesn’t make you a travel blogger, even if your name is John.

Gaye Emami of
Gaye Emami of

Your site needs to be populated by content about the travels of John. Now, assuming you are John, you need to find a way to make your written adventures compelling and interesting to readers.

Ron Cruz of
Ron Cruz and Monette of

Simply writing “I went to China with my father” isn’t going to win you any readers whereas taking the time to craft something like “It was hard to convince my father to allow me to accompany him to the furthest reaches of the world” might just keep your readers coming back for more.

Marky Ramone Go
Marky Ramone Go of

The third major requirement is that in order to become a certified travel blogger, you need to have a blog. Blogs are easy to come by these days. You can get free blogs through wordpress, blogger, and tons of travel portals such as, BootsnAll, or

The benefit of going with established travel portals is that you have a built in audience waiting for you. Of course, if you plan to go big time, you will probably want to buy your own domain name, host your own blog, and have complete editorial control over your content and site.

  1. Ed says

    This is cool!

    Indeed it’s hard to share something you haven’t experienced, you’ll lose that personal touch that makes your content and your blog unique. Checking the spelling and grammar is very important too. You don’t want to turn your readers off because of this alone.

    Thanks Melo!

    1. melo says

      I agree, although some of our posts might not be experience based, its still important that we traveled and experienced the culture, food and take lots of photos:)

  2. marky says

    I try to combine both the narrative words and the pictures in narrating my travel experience. To try to make the reader pack his/her backpack that moment. Same way I felt before when I read other people’s travel blog, books, articles.

    1. melo says

      thats actually a good way to share your experience… its also the best way to invite people to visit the places youve been to;)

  3. Joel Aldor says

    Hi Melo! I think there’s one more thing you might want to add on the list for someone who wants to become a certified travel blogger. There must be a compelling reason for the person why he should travel at all. Is he traveling because he’s curious about the place? For experience? For something interesting? I think every travel blogger must have his/her purpose why he wants to go to a particular place.

    1. melo says

      @Joel – I totally agree, Im actually creating a separate post for that topic:) thanks for letting me post your photo and your URL:)

  4. Flip'n Travels says

    Thanks Melo.
    hey you can start drafting travel blogging for dummies hehehe


    1. melo says

      Hey Ron, I think I have one of those topics in my drafts:)

  5. journeyingjames says

    will share this one to my page, thanks for including me 🙂

    1. melo says

      @James – thanks.. till next:)

  6. jay says

    I totally agree with Marky and Joel, this is one of the reasons why I travel every now and then aside from the slr camera that I bought a year ago. Reading their blogs makes me want to go to those places and experience what they have also experienced. Blogging also develop your skills in writing. I am not really a certified travel blogger but I do write all my accounts in my FB page (some sort of micro blogging but with lots of photos) As of now I am contented doing this and sharing my experiences to my friends. I am happy I also got comments from time to time. Hoping I can meet some of you in my travels.
    Thanks Melo!

    1. melo says

      @Jay – thanks for your comment and I hope you can share more of your trips and photos coz I know apart from sharing your experiences, I believe most of us also wants to help in promoting our beautiful country:) more power to you and Yes I hope to see you in some of my trips… its a small world afterall:)

  7. Micamyx says

    Love this article, Melo! 🙂

    Experience is definitely the key in order to become an effective travel blogger. One of the travel bloggers that i really look up to is Nina. I prefer reading those na medyo diary type pero well-written. It makes one want to ride a bus or plane asap and go to that certain destination 😛

    This also serves as another sign for me. I should change my theme now and re-assess my travel blog. Sometimes overwhelming siya lalo na pag sobrang dami ng pinuntahan pero limited ang time to write… or mas priority ang personal blog 😐

    Oh well. As long as you have pictures, experience to share and enough time to sit and recall that certain ‘feeling’, i’m sure one can still write effectively no matter gaano na katagal. I need to re-assess… i have to woot. 😛

    1. melo says

      @Mica – For a busy traveler like you, you just need to always bring a notepad to jot things down or you may do it like the way I do if I dont have a pen and paper… I just take photos of the things that can remind me of what to write about the place:)

  8. Berniemack Arellano says

    For a beginner like me, this gives me the expectations of living as a travel blogger, kahit part time lang. 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Berniemack – i think it doesnt matter anymore wether you are a newbie or seasoned travel blogger… what is important now is that we have the same passion which is to share the joys of travel:) keep on going:)

  9. Flip'n Travels says

    thanks melo!
    i think one of the most important thing to share in your blog is inspiration. when ron and i started blogging, it was because we wanted to help out people travel on a budget. as we move along, friends who read our blog would come up to us and tell us that we’ve given them the drive to really do it.
    travel bloggers unite! let’s continue to inspire!

    1. melo says

      @Flip’n Travels – I agree! Each travel blogger always have something to share… Though we have different ways of presenting it, I believe all of us has a goal of helping travelers find, decide and plan for their next trip.. More travels Monette:)

  10. thepinaysolobackpacker says

    thnx Melo! nauna yung pic ko. yay! haha btw, that’s Angkor Wat in Cambodia po pala.
    I’m guilty of not checking the spelling before posting, I have this habit of not reviewing the draft over before publishing the post which is a grave mistake, arggh! 🙁
    Regarding writing about travel stories without experience,it reminds me of the book,”Do travel writers go to hell?” ,a famed writer of Lonely Planet and other travel guide books and magazine claimed that he didn’t really do all the things he mentioned during his travels. Really controversial! Everything that you mentioned are essential tlga,
    Though I must admit I’m not really good in writing and I’m new to travel blogging, but with the help of the “travel blogger royalties” like you, I am learning and will sure learn a lot more.
    Happy travels! And I hope sa nxt meet up eh Out of Town travel naman! 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Gael – Actually Im guilty as well haha, I asumed that the photo was taken in Thailand instead of Cambodia LOL… Lets go out of town soon!!!

  11. lawstude says

    i agree, at first all u need is to travel, to write and to blog about it. it may just be a hobby at first but will eventually turn into a habit specially when you meet people with the same interests as you are. nice to meet you melo and some bloggers you have featured in this post 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Lawstude – Nice meeting you, I must agree.. its really nice to see people who look at things on the same perspective.. we may have different impressions on each destination but we all travel with the same goal and that is to satisfy our souls cravings for new discoveries.. see you again soon guys:)

      btw: I hope I can also feature you in my future posts:)

  12. josiah says

    Hey Melo! Guilty rin ako! hehe
    I agree that to be a travel blogger you have to travel and experience. I’m new to travel blogging. This will definitely help me. Thanks. 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Josiah – thanks for visiting this blog… I hope to see you along with other travel bloggers in the future:)

  13. Mee-i says

    Wow galing nito Melo! =)

    I have a travel blog (newbie din) pero I’m not really a jet setter kaya onti palang ang laman saka ‘di pure travel kasi environment(global warming) is also my advocacy.

    I travel once in a while pero di kalayuan, kaya every time I go into a place na di ako familiar basta kahit sa simpleng lugar lang, I tried to capture what’s in there. Regardless if puntahan ba ito ng tao o hindi. (sana counted pa din un as Travel blog hehe)

    Somehow my other blogs help me to at least improve my writing little by little. Kahit minsan na-overlook padin ang halata mong maling grammar. hehe

    1. melo says

      @Mee-i – we all started it simple with only few posts and overtime your number of posts will also increase… happy travels:)

    2. Melo Villareal says

      salamat Mee-i – kongting practice lang yan napapagaralan naman lahat ng bagay:)

  14. Bhety says

    I am a big fan of the above bloggers mentioned…your site is a cool one too.. easy on the eye…very good content. Wish i have lots of time to check every post.. .. I am traveler myself but I do not have the writing skill i choose to be a reader…

    1. melo says

      @Bhety – thanks for dropping by, hope to see you more often in this blog

  15. sell timeshare says

    This also serves as another sign for me. I should change my theme now and re-assess my travel blog. Sometimes overwhelming siya lalo na pag sobrang dami ng pinuntahan pero limited ang time to write… or mas priority ang personal blog

  16. Ice says

    wow ang galing…. you inspire me….

    1. melo says

      @Ice – thanks:)

  17. Pinoy Adventurista says

    These are great tips. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing! Happy trip!

    1. melo says

      @Pinoy Adventurista – thansk for dropping by:)

  18. darwinthetreasuretracker says

    I’m a trying hard travel blogger. I just started my own blog recently and its so hard to maintain and update it, Having no personal computer. But I’m having fun blogging. Thanks! I’m learning a lot from your blog!!!!

    1. melo says

      @darwin – I guess everyone started it simple.. just keep on traveling and share your photos and stories to the world:)

  19. Berniemack HabagatCentral says

    For me, the best thing about travel blogging is sharing the experience. Its not about flaunting where have you been or what, but its sharing that experience to those who haven’t been or who will be there or would have wanted to be there. Then in turn, you help and encourage people to open up their eyes and widen their perspective of the world. Go travel and be with the world. 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Berniemack – that was a great input:) thanks again!

  20. Brenna says

    I think each travel blogger has their own strengths kasi kahit ang dami-dami ng travel blogs titingnan mo pa din each blog. kahit parehas na location lang, magkaiba pa din ng experience sila and iba yung pagkakarelate nila sa lugar. how they tell their story is what makes them a certified travel blogger. 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Brenna – well said, I also want to read personal accounts of each travel blogger but I guess lets not forget to share some useful facts about the destination.. In a way we help travellers experience and know the place by just reading the story:)

      Happy Trips:)

  21. Chichi and Lois says

    Great post Melo. We’re virtually babies in blogdom so this was really helpful! I read once that a travel blog needs to be like a kid’s book, lots of really nice pictures.

    Also, we found that mixing girlie stuff with travel stuff is a great formula to connect to our audience (in our case, women travelers).

    Happy TravelS!

  22. Robert says

    Very good article, thanks.
    Always wanted to know what a ‘certified’ blogger was!
    Your pictures are excellent!
    Not hard to tell you have a passion for photography.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Melo Villareal says

      thanks Robert:)

  23. darwinthetreasuretracker says

    Hi Sir Melo…

    i just visit this post again for some travel blogging tips..


  24. LINA C. ABOGADIE says

    Thanks for the great ideas. I hope to create my own travel/photo blog soon. Pls. continue sharing your unique travel experiences so you can inspire more people to travel. Mabuhay ang mga pinoy travel/photo bloggers.

    1. Melo Villareal says

      salamat Lina:)

  25. Carm says

    Im new to travel blogging and I think it is in writing effectively that is the hardest part 🙂

    1. Melo Villareal says

      I agree, but we can always practice:)

  26. mark julius Estur says

    this is a good post for newbie travel bloggers like myself. 🙂 indeed, the challenge of narrating each one’s story to make the readers travel with you will make one a good blogger.

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