#ZoomanToHuman Competition: Win a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Borneo

Being able to live seems to be a thing that many people forget at this day and age. People are more focused about living a life of modernity and domestication, taking the level far enough that they feel uncomfortable without the luxuries of modern living. Bringing people back to how humans should actually live is the purpose of #ZoomanToHuman competition.


The #ZoomanToHuman contest is a project launched by Vivobarefoot shoes in collaboration with Wild Human, an organization that provides courses and retreats, enabling people experience the wild and how a person should enjoy it. Unlike a typical outdoor trip, however, Wild Human chooses different locations unique from other outdoor trips. Through these locations, visitors will definitely live like a person of the wilderness and have an experience of the lifetime.

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ZoomanToHuman Competition
ZoomanToHuman Competition

Through this competition, Vivobarefoot shoe line gives everyone the chance to win a Wild Human activity in an exotic location to experience how humans should live.


Competitors have the chance to get two types of prices. One prize is given every week while the grand prize is given when the competition wraps up. The weekly prize for #ZoomanToHuman competition is a pair of Vivobarefoot shoes for people who will win a specific week.

The final prize is a Wild Human adventure trip to tropical Borneo with Wild Human founder Ben McNutt. McNutt is a wilderness expert who definitely knows how people will survive in the wilds. With his guidance, people can confidently take on the challenge of the wilderness and step out of the typical, domesticated lifestyle.

Zooman to Human
Zooman to Human

Only one winner will get the grand prize. One winner will also be announced weekly winner.

How to win an Adventure to Borneo

Joining this competition is easy peasy. Vivabarefoot will release a challenge and competitors will respond using videos and photos. The response to the challenge should show the contestant’s ‘Zooman to Human’ transition. Aside from posting them on social media, the hashtag #ZoomanToHuman should be used with it. The first challenge is about using the contestant’s feet.

A winner per week will receive the minor prize of Vivobarefoot shoes.

Vivobarefoot shoes
Vivobarefoot shoes

Contestants should complete three challenges if they want to get the grand prize. The competition authorities will choose among people who completed all three of the weekly challenge at the end of the month. This winner will then get the grand prize.

This competition is great to remind people to have a life outside the usual modern setting of work and lifestyle.

If you wish to check out more details about this competition, head on over to http://www.vivobarefoot.com/us/wildhuman.



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