Why Dubai is a Great Destination for Families

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Dubai: Great Destination for Families

A willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone is all the rage these days. Whether it’s exotic food or exotic travels, we’re increasingly encouraged to try new things. While certainly a good thing, it’s no surprise many people have a hard time putting this advice into practice. We’re human, after all, and preferring to stay safe and comfortable typically overrides any notions of adventure and exploration.

Dubai at night Great Destination for Families
Dubai at night – Great Destination for Families

For families seeking an exotic travel destination but unsure about bringing the entire family out of their element for the sake of a new and exciting life experience, an ideal in-between is the city of Dubai. Situated along the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is an urban oasis of glittering steel sprouting out over the scorching desert. Millions of tourists from all over the world flock to its sights and sounds every year, with the most recent estimates projecting 20 million annual visitors by 2020.

Simply put, Dubai is a crossroads of humanity located in an environment humans weren’t really meant to live and thrive. It gives families a taste of something exotic without pulling them too far from the comforts and joys of home. Demonstrating this are the variety of familiar activities available for families visiting Dubai, which despite their familiarity, all offer an interesting spin:


Golf in Dubai
Golf in Dubai

Dad’s favorite game is waiting in Dubai with ten incredible golf resorts in the area. What makes the city’s golf scene particularly interesting is the sheer availability of world-class options in the area. Nearly every Dubai golf course has hosted a tournament at some point or another, in which some of the best golfers in the world came to play. Avid players will enjoy navigating the same fairways and hazards as the pros. Even those not particularly fond of golf can’t help but be awestruck by the oasis in which these courses appear in contrast to the surrounding desert.


Beach in Dubai
Beach in Dubai

Maybe after a morning of golf, mom wants some time at the beach? In particular, Kite Beach is renowned for its beautiful blue waters and clean sands. As the name suggests, kids can have fun kite flying while parents stroll the shoreline with drinks in hand. Enjoy the many shops and restaurants located at Kite Beach as well.


Sandboarding in Dubai
Sandboarding in Dubai

Kids and young adults tend to prefer the thrills of life over the sources of relaxation, and Dubai has what they’re looking for. Whether it’s skiing indoor slopes with a scorching desert meters away, flying in a wind tunnel, or old fashioned bungee jumping, unforgettable adventures await. While technically not in Dubai, why not take an hour and a half drive along the coast to the capital city of Abu Dhabi, where the world’s fastest roller coaster is located?


The signature sight of Dubai is undoubtedly Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet. Families can take an elevator to the 124th-floor observation deck and get a 2722-foot high view of the city below. From there, they can enjoy the layout of Palm Islands, an array of artificial landmasses in the waters off the coast resembling palm trees and even the planet. The Burj al-Arab is another iconic location worth visiting, as its sail-like outer appearance and vaulted lobby are truly one-of-a-kind.

Burj Khalifa Dubai
Burj Khalifa Dubai

Families with the means to do so are encouraged to try something new when it comes times to book travel reservations. For those wishing to visit someplace exotic and unforgettable without getting too far removed from their comfort zone, look no further than Dubai.

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