6 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Dubai

Visit the Dubai desert photo by @valeriaandersson via Unsplash

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is home to the most humongous malls, tallest buildings, along with extravagant experiences.

But, before traveling to this city, you have to take note of a slew of things, especially if you are a first-time traveler. Here are some:

Traveling to Dubai
Traveling to Dubai

Go for a conservative wardrobe

Before packing your things, you have to remember that flashy, revealing outfits are a big NO. For men, make sure you put your shirt on when walking around. For women, veer away from too tight, short clothing. Remember to respect the Muslim culture.

Steer clear of PDA

While on your stay in Dubai, veer away from kissing your loved one or holding hands while you’re in public. Note that quite a few people have been imprisoned as public displays of affection are deemed offensive in UAE.

Dubai Travel Tips
Dubai Travel Tips

Mind your manners

While Dubai is highly urbanized, you have to consider checking your manners while you are, for instance, in bars. It is prudent not to drink too much and to err on the side of the caution. Their culture is different from yours.

Book flights sixth months in advance

Remember that when you book your flights way ahead of your desired departure date, there is a big chance you are going to get a considerable discount. You must buy your ticket not later than a month before your flight.

Book your hotel 2 to 3 months ahead

Note that during October to April, Dubai is a well-liked tourist destination to a lot of people across the globe. As such, it is smart to make sure you can get the best hotel/resort for your stay. It is advised that you book your hotel not later than a month in advance. Plus, this way, the price might be even lower.

Visit the Dubai desert photo by @valeriaandersson via Unsplash
Visit the Dubai desert photo by @valeriaandersson via Unsplash

Make sure to visit the desert

You will miss a lot when you decide not to go to the stunning Arabian Desert. Here, you can try out thrilling activities, including trying out sundown safari and dune drive, as well as riding on a hot air balloon.

There is no doubt Dubai is the place to be, especially when you are with your loved one, as it comes with a wide array of breathtaking sceneries and exciting activities. However, it is prudent to consider a lot of things before you travel so you will not land in a potentially uncomfortable situation.

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