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Things to Know and Do on Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina by Lucy M via Unsplash

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina – Everything you need to know

The sparkling sandbanks and towers, which today distinguish the city of Dubai, makes it hard to believe that is was a small fishing village once. For a very long span of time, the warm and shallow waters of Dubai Creek have been supporting the local pearl and fishing industry. Dubai is a great example of an impressive transformation story. A vital part of this ancient Arab world was the dhow. Dhows are old-fashioned wooden boats exceptionally designed and built by local fishing communities and used to navigate the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Today, these dhows have evolved from small sailboats to good examples of luxury cruises.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina by Lucy M via Unsplash
Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina by Lucy M via Unsplash

Imagine a peaceful evening in the traditional dhow, adorned with gleaming lights and holding your favorite drink in your hand. You would want that moment to stop. That’s the Dubai Dhow Cruise. It is a magnificent and novel experience that adds classiness to your entire Dubai excursion and makes you believe why the city is characterized by tourism. Yet again, if you’re new to the city and travel without a guide, it will be safer to hear some facts and data about the trip. You can then easily choose the preferred dhow cruise for you, your family or friends.

Waters of Dubai

Dubai has no natural waters. Yet, there is an artificial canal city in Dubai, named the Dubai Marina. It’s hard to believe it that no Marina existed a decade ago. The artificial marina was opened in 2003 along a 3 km long coast. Dubai Creek, the scene of many pleasurable dhow cruises, is a natural bay. The marina and Dubai Creek are the main places where tourists experience dhow cruises.

Dubai Dhow Cruise
Dubai Dhow Cruise

What are Dhows?

Dhow cruises are usually about traditional dhow ships. Dubai Marina blends traditional Arabian heritage with extravagant evening buffets, providing an exciting way to experience and enjoy Dubai.

A dhow is a traditional wooden boat from the year 600 BC. Traditionally used all over the Middle East for trade. They usually have long, thin structures and have been used to carry heavy items between Arab states and other Muslim countries. They have been swapped in recent decades by more modern ships. After playing such an important role in the history and development of Dubai, these iconic boats have been transformed to attract tourists from all over the world.  They are an intoxicating way to enjoy a portion of Dubai’s ancient nautical tradition.

How to Choose a Dhow Cruise

There are a number of companies offering dhow cruise packages. Tourists and visitors should compare the companies to get the best prices. The packages are ideal for large groups and families. To find the best dhow cruises in Dubai, tourists should choose between Dubai Creek and Marina. The marina has a more modern orientation and will appeal to sightseeing tourists. The Dubai Creek symbolizes the Arab simplicity of the old golden era.

The traditional dhow design is very important for tourists interested in sightseeing. A dhow with large deck windows offers a breathtaking view of Dubai night. There are traditional dhows with open-air decks for an exotic view. Tourists should look through companies that offer guided tours on their dhow cruises and choose the best.

When is The Best Time for a Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

You can choose the time of day if you need to look at the modern view of the top of the sunlight. It shows the routine of living in Dubai and the daily amount of work. But the night promises an awe-inspiring view of Dubai and more of an exploring and bustling arena. Choose the time which would make your travel memories last life-long.

Best Time for a Dhow Cruise in Dubai
Best Time for a Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Dhow Cruise Entertainment

A dhow cruise is a great proposition to show tourists paradise to relax and have fun. Here you can book the cruise for private parties and events and customize the offers to your liking. Businesses are ready to offer more entertainment options, including DJ parties and dances. Originally, belly dancing was a traditional form of cruise entertainment, though it has been gradually replaced with “Tanura” – a traditional Turkish dance normally performed by a dancer, wearing a graceful and elaborately ornamented gown. The pleasing entertainment is accompanied by international dinners as appetizers, entrees, and desserts. You will be greeted with coffee, dates, and snacks. You can enjoy a variety of cocktails and beverages along with delicious and mouth-watering desserts.

Eating on a Dhow Cruise

It is also important for tourists and families to keep an eye on their group size. The dhow cruise ships normally carry a fixed number of passengers. This information is provided on booking. Family groups are guaranteed to experience an unforgettable experience on Dubai’s Dhow Cruises. For families who want to enjoy a dhow cruise, there are several inexpensive packages available. The best choice should be in your budget. This is usually a great opportunity to experience the heartwarming traditions and Bedouin hospitality. The aroma of traditional Arabic coffee, locally known as “kahwah” and served on dhow cruises, will be remembered forever. Not only for families but couples in love should not miss the exhilarating dhow cruises. The cruises provide the perfect setting for couples to explore the wonders while enjoying the night.

Upon boarding you will receive ice-cold juices or soft drinks, a delightful buffet. On the go, you would be entertained with soothing music and other sorts of entertainment. The dinner is typically Middle Eastern / Arabic cuisine, but check every single cruise as this will be different. The menu for a cruise should be listed on their website.

These are some important tips to keep in mind when trying to find the best Dhow Cruise in Dubai. Enjoy the calm journey along the creek. You will feel the cool breeze on your face as you appreciate the breathtaking landscapes; admire the beauty and the city of Dubai in all the shimmering lights with your friends or relatives on the dhow.

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