Why do Travel Bloggers Need Travel Insurance?

Why do you need Travel Insurance

During our Kuala Lumpur Trip courtesy of Tourism Malaysia and Airphil Express, part of our itinerary is visiting Chartis Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from the short tour and lunch, we were also able to attend a short presentation/discussion with the purpose of learning how and why travel insurance is really important for each traveler especially for a travel blogger like me who’s always on the road.

Every Adventure Activity has its own particular associated risks
Every Adventure Activity has its own particular associated risks

Chartis is the travel insurance provider of Airphil Express and because we joined the maiden flight, we are automatically sponsored by Chartis for our travel insurance. During our second day in Kuala Lumpur, we were able to visit their response center and learned so many things about how they operate and how they helped their clients via a short presentation.

Travel Bloggers at Chartis Hearquarters
Travel Bloggers at Chartis Hearquarters (courtesy of http://www.eazytraveler.com)

We also learned that 25% of their employees are Filipinos and most of them have been working with Chartis for over 3 years already. We were able to meet a few Filipino Agents and they shared their working experiences with Chartis. Unlike working with most contact centers, their job is not just one-contact one-resolution basis, in fact, their job starts as soon as they ended the conversation while their job ends until the patient reaches full recovery or until they finish the final resolution.

Lunch Hosted by Chartis
Lunch Hosted by Chartis

Insurance is something we tend to take for granted. You have car insurance, only because you want to be covered if something bad happens to your car. We have health insurance, just in case, we get sick or injured. Travel insurance is just the same, except that it ensures us against the possible problems we could encounter specifically while traveling. Most likely, your health insurance does not cover you if you are in another country. And what happens if your bags are lost or stolen? These are the things you can get covered for when you buy travel insurance.

Chartis Policy Review

Chartis offers travel insurance specifically for people like me: frequent traveler. Yes, we need coverage just in case of an accident, maybe while trying out scooters in Thailand or if we snorkel our way into a rock accidentally. But in addition, what would happen if those valuable possessions that make our jobs possible were damaged or lost? If you’re like me, your camera and your laptop are critical to being able to do the job.

Chartis Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur
Chartis Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur

Chartis travel insurance offers a great service that helps keep you going. Your baggage is insured against loss or damage and even delay. If your bags are delayed for more than 12 hours and you need to buy some clothing in the meantime, Chartis will reimburse you for the costs.

Plus, what about all your critical travel documents? Ever lost your passport or other important documentation? Not a fun situation. Chartis has some protection even for that, covering hotel, travel, and communication expenses while you work to get your documents replaced.

Chartis also has a special “travel inconvenience” promise. They say that with their policy you can relax and enjoy, never worrying or thinking about the things you normally worry about when traveling. If your flight is canceled or delayed, you will get financial compensation. If you have to cut your trip short or cancel it altogether, the costs are covered by travel insurance.

Chartis CallCenter in KL
Chartis CallCenter in KL

Travel Blogging and Travel Insurance

These are some of the reasons that people buy travel insurance in general. But when you go on vacation for a couple of weeks, the likelihood of something bad happening is pretty low. For people like me and other travel bloggers, travel insurance is a necessity.

Being on the road almost all the time means that there are just that many more things that can go wrong. I’m not afraid to have fun and try new things. Every once in a while that gets me into trouble. So far, I’ve still been pretty lucky and no disasters have struck.

But even if I just try the wrong food from the wrong food vendor and need some medicine to get me through the next 24 hours, I want to know that I am covered. And if something really serious should happen, Chartis and other travel insurance companies offer what’s called a “compassionate visit”.

The insurance covers the cost of a visit from a family member if you are in the hospital in a foreign country. Hopefully, you never need to take advantage of that service, but at least you know you are covered.

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