Travel Guide: TakTak Falls in Siargao Island

Taktak falls in Siargao
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TakTak Falls in Siargao Island

“Memory is the basis of every journey.” –  Stephen King, Dreamcatcher

Visiting Taktak falls is quite challenging not just because of the long ride but also because of the unpaved roads that makes the trip tiring but I must agree, How you reached the place will always be a great component of your own travel tale.

Sherv, Luna and Gay - stopover in a local grocery
Sherv, Luna and Gay – stopover in a local grocery

After more than two hours of butt numbing Habal-habal ride, we finally reached Taktak Falls in the town of Santa Monica. I like to see some natural beauty when I visit a place, and on Siargao Island, one of the Buddha’s Surf Resort‘s staff suggested that we visit Taktak falls before heading to Magpupungko Rock Pool.

Pan de Surf vendor in Santa Monica
Pan de Surf vendor in Santa Monica

Before anything else here are the nice things about TakTak Falls:

  • The spot is guarded.
  • Some work has been put into making it a tourist attraction.
  • You can move closer to the waterfalls and enjoy cool water.
  • The waterfalls is just walking distance from the highway.

My favorite Pandesurf
My favorite Pan de surf

Now for the reality check. The waterfalls are not huge or impressive in any particular way. This is no Niagara Falls and I’ve seen more dramatic waterfalls elsewhere in the Philippines. My feeling is that the fact that habal-habal ride is widely available – there’s a road, not a great road, but it exists – has attracted visitors who didn’t want to hike but wanted to see something unique apart from the beautiful beaches in Siargao.

Taktak Fresh water pool

The road and the subsequent visitors brought in people who thought they’d make a few bucks on those tourists. And the area has been developed a bit in order to turn it into an attraction with some infrastructure.

Taktak falls in Siargao
Taktak falls in Siargao

Melo Villareal in Taktak Falls
Melo Villareal in Taktak Falls

A lot of people I spoke to were unhappy that they had to pay a fee to see TakTak Falls. Again, I knew in advance so I wasn’t bothered. But I can imagine that if you made the trip out there, could see that the falls weren’t so impressive, and were asked for money right away, you might be skeptical.

All in all, it’s a nice trip, it’s quite refreshing out there after a long ride, and you can have a fun time if you come with the right attitude. You’re on vacation, make the most out of your trip.

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