Siargao is a beautiful destination with a lot to offer for those who enjoy a vacation amidst nature and wildlife, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of a Metropolis. While you will definitely have the opportunity to have some fun around here if that’s what you enjoy in your holidays, you’ll also get many great chances to connect with the nature around you and explore the wonderfully preserved surroundings.

Naked Island
Naked Island

Knowing how to spend your time properly is quite important here though, as you can easily get lost around the many parts of the island, and end up spending a lot of your time just walking around instead of seeing anything that will actually leave you with fond memories.

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Surfing in Siargao by Miguel Navaza
Surfing in Siargao by Miguel Navaza


Habal Habal ride
Habal Habal ride

A tour of the island can be a great way to start your trip and really dive into the local culture and environment headfirst, and you have several options for that at Siargao. If you prefer a more natural and relaxed approach, you can ride on a habal habal while the driver is giving you a tour of the place. You can visit Taktak Falls and the Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools. This style of touring is more about seeing different sites and getting your adrenaline rushing a little bit, as you won’t get to hear much from the guide’s explanations while enjoying the habal habal ride.

Fun time at the beach

Guyam Island
Guyam Island

The Naked Island is a peculiar sight which you might want to snap a few pictures of. No, its name has nothing to do with actual nudity – it comes from the fact that the island is completely bare and lacks any features except for its sand. Not a tree or anything in sight – it can be quite surreal at the right time of day. Don’t forget to rent a boat and do Island Hopping in Siargao, you won’t regret it.

Speaking of beaches and islands, if you’re into more extreme sports, Siargao is a great surfing destination and enjoys a lot of popularity among experienced surfers for a good reason. There are various places where you can catch some good waves, talk to other surfers and generally have a good time. The spots are suitable for people of all skill levels, down to the complete beginner – but even an experienced surfer should be able to have a lot of fun here, on the other hand.

Siargao Surfing Spots by Miguel Navaza
Siargao Surfing Spots by Miguel Navaza

Competitions are also hosted regularly, though if you’re coming in specifically for that, you may want to book in advance, as the event generates large crowds and attendance can sometimes become problematic.

When the night falls

Despite being mostly known for its great natural spots and beaches, Siargao also has plenty of great places to spend a good night at, if you’re into tropical clubbing and similar scenes. The Buddha’s Surf Resort is among the more popular names in this field, and it can offer you a fantastic atmosphere, great people, and excellent music. Live music is also available here from time to time, which can make for the perfect conclusion to a night out.


If you want to just spend a little time relaxing and not caring about life too much, there are also more ordinary attractions that can fill your time nicely. If you’re into golf, there’s a very nicely developed course just a few minutes away from the island, and it can give a good challenge to even a more experienced player. Check their opening hours in advance though, they may be a bit unusual to you if you’re not used to the way some businesses in the area work.

Relaxing in Dako Island
Relaxing in Dako Island

And let’s not forget fishing, something which a lot of people see as enough reason by itself to pay a visit to the island. If you love game fishing, then you’ll feel right at home in Siargao, and all you’ll have to do is pick where you want to play, and get started. Make sure you bring your own equipment if you want to have a really good time though – while rental is an option here, you may not be able to find high-end equipment if it’s already been rented out for the day.

Grab something to eat

If you ask the locals for a recommendation for a good place to grab a bite, you’ll almost always hear the name “Driftwood Café”. Open throughout the day, the place serves fantastic burgers, fried chicken and other tasty meals, with a good selection of drinks to go along with them as well. The prices are also quite alright, and the place doesn’t feel like a tourist trap. Plus, you’ll always get a friendly and warm service, and the staff is usually eager to give you tips on how to spend your holiday better.

Big Breakfast at Buddha's Resort
Big Breakfast at Buddha’s Resort

Flying Foxes is another great place, also known for its friendly service and varied menu. Great variety of steaks and salads and the place is close enough to most attractions that you’ll always have it available for a quick snack before you head off to another location on the island. It is definitely one of the better options if you value the quality of your food when you’re on holiday.

Spending your last day in Siargao

If you’re wondering what to do on your last day here, we can give you the simple tip to just roam around mindlessly and let the surroundings sink in. This is a place that you can only see so rarely in your life, and you should take some time to let your mind properly enjoy it. This will have an amazing effect on your mind, and it can easily suck out all of your worries and stress for a few hours, which will have profound lasting results for many days afterwards. It’s amazing what the human mind can transform into when presented with an environment as beautiful as that in Siargao and this is just one of the reasons why this island is easily one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the whole world, hands down. If you’ve never been here before, don’t just add it to your list – put it at the top.



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