White Water Rafting: Important Tips for Beginners

Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Whitewater Rafting Adventure

White water rafting, also known as river rafting, is a popular sports activity where many people want to give a chance to their rafting skills. Although white water rafting sounds quite exciting, for a newbie it could be a challenging effort. Like any other sports activity, river rafting requires you to be technically fit – sound physic and mental strength.

Whitewater rafting in Kiulu River
Whitewater rafting in Kiulu River

Many beginners suffer from dire consequences of river rafting, especially because rafting techniques are hard to follow unless one gains the minimum experience on it. This article focuses on providing a few beginners’ tips to follow before one can start experiencing the thrill with white water rafting.

Understand the Sport

What most beginners fail to do is to understand this sport and therefore end up with miserable experiences. Therefore, the foremost task is to get enough knowledge and understanding of the sport.

White Water Rafting in Chico River - Kalinga
Chico River Whitewater Rafting in Kalinga

River rafting, or white water rafting, is typically an outdoor sports activity where people raft through the river, mostly in groups.

There are six levels of this sport starting from Level 1 for beginners through Level 6 for the most experienced or experts.

Additionally, one needs to understand the various types of rivers where rafting can be done and the challenges one might face during the rafting activity.

Take a look at different kinds of equipment used and the safety aspects in detail.

Talk to experienced river rafters to know about their experiences so that you can relate to the kind of experience and difficulties you may have to deal with.

Be physically and mentally fit

You ideally need a good physic and must be mentally prepared for this sport activity. Your physical strength will play a major role in surpassing the bodily challenges encountered in this activity. It might be good to learn swimming before you could get to this activity to avoid any unfortunate experiences. You should of course be mentally strong since during rafting the experiences might be thrilling yet scary.

Be in proper and suitable clothing

One of the key things to consider is your clothing requirements to do white water rafting. Dry fit clothes might be available from the local vendors nearby a rafting location; it is important to look for the best fitting clothing so that you are comfortable and prepared to move your body as flexibly as needed.

white water rafting in CDO
whitewater rafting in CDO

Listen to your guide

Beginners out of excitement ignore what their guides have to instruct and therefore fail to enjoy the real rafting. Before getting on to your boat, listen to your guide carefully.

Your guide tells you about various safety instructions to follow, the kind of current the river has, the right use of equipment you carry, paddling and rowing techniques, and many more.

Ask questions to your guide if you can think of a critical situation and do not really know how to handle that. If you are still not comfortable, ask your guide for a quick training on how to follow the rafting techniques.

Never go rafting alone

For beginners, it is best to experience white water rafting in groups, especially with some experienced people in the group.
Make sure you are well equipped
If you are all set with understanding what to do while river rafting, make sure that before you get on to your boat you have everything required – your equipment, including live jackets and helmet. Double-check anyways!

Special Safety Instructions

  • Do not be under the influence of alcohol or other booster drugs.
  • Do not go white water rafting in the dark.
  • Make sure to wear your live jackets and helmet during river rafting.
  • Choose short rafting trips so that you can learn more and experience the best going forward.
  • Do not panic. River rafting can you give risky experiences and so have a good grip while you are seated comfortably.
Whitewater Rafting Adventure
Whitewater Rafting Adventure

These river rafting tips can help beginners to enjoy their first raft as they navigate through the river waters. It is one of the most enjoying sports activities provided you follow the necessary rafting techniques and safety instructions. Being a beginner, you should avoid taking any risks during the rafting activity and should learn to become an expert over time.

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  1. Micole l Philippine Traveler says

    I agree with the tip about wearing appropriate clothing and LISTEN to your guide!!! In order to enjoy the full experience!

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  3. Elijah says

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. All the points are very important when you go out for a Rafting Trip.

    Truly Appreciated!

    Advantage Grand Canyon

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  5. Gerty Gift says

    I appreciate what you said about not panicking. I tend to get anxiety when I do new things, and I’ve never been white water rafting before, but my husband has. We’ve been planning a small trip with some friends, but I want to make sure that it’s fun for everyone. I’ll have to really keep in mind to relax and have fun while I learn the ins and outs of everything this has to offer.

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