Puting Buhangin Beach by twinkletuazon via Flickr cc
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Travel Guide: Kuwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin Beach in Pagbilao, Quezon

Quezon Province: Puting Buhangin | Kwebang Lampas

Puting Buhangin Beach and Kuwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

Pagbilao, Quezon, is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in the Philippines for its culture, rich history, and breathtaking nature. The beautiful town of Pagbilao also attracts tourists due to its vibrant and lively festivities, such as the Pagbilao Harvest Festival, an annual celebration recognizing the local farmers and fishers. When in town, Isla Polo is another go-to attraction, boasting the Kuwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin Beach, another nature gem worth visiting.

Puting Buhangin Beach by twinkletuazon via Flickr cc
Puting Buhangin Beach by twinkletuazon via Flickr cc

And if you’re planning to go on a vacation soon, check out our travel guide of the Kuwebang Lampas and Putting Buhangin in Pagbilao, Quezon.

About Kwebang Lampas

Start your nature adventure by trekking near the Pagbilao Power Plant heading to Kuwebang Lampas. While renting a boat and jumping off at Puting Buhangin Beach is ideal, a 30-minute trek will make your trip worthwhile and exciting. Kuwebang Lampas is a true natural gem hidden in a disputed area managed by two families and at the right end of the beach. Despite being small, Kwebang Lampas will surely surprise anyone who explores the cave, which has another opening on the other side, hence the name.

Kwebang Lampas photo by reemanflores via Flickr cc
Kwebang Lampas photo by reemanflores via Flickr cc

The cave is a sanctuary for swimmers seeking shelter from the scorching sun. A must explore for thrill-seekers for its beautiful rock formations. You can also climb on the right side of the cave to watch the magnificent sunset view. However, jumping off the cliff is strictly prohibited, so enjoy and take in the views. Kwebang Lampas can also get filled with water during high tide, which can be dangerous for children.

Exploring Kuwebang Lampas can also be tricky for non-swimmers, so bring your life vest. Wearing water shoes is also ideal, especially if you’re planning to explore the cave from both ends. Regardless of all the difficulties of traveling, Kuwebang Lampas has an extraordinary charm that you must witness in Pagbilao, Quezon.

About Puting Buhangin

A four to five-hour drive away from the Metro, Puting Buhangin Beach is one of Quezon’s most famous attractions, offering fine powdery white sands and crystal clear waters, often compared with Boracay. Located at Isla Polo, the stunning beach is where the Kwebang Lampas lies and has a calm shoreline, ideal for adults and kids. But what makes the trip to Puting Buhangin Beach even more interesting is that you have to camp if you wish to stay overnight since there are no beachfront hotels or accommodation on site. So this is a plus for an adventurous trip.

Puting Buhangin Beach in Pagbilao Quezon photo via Pagbilao Tourism FB Page
Puting Buhangin Beach in Pagbilao Quezon photo via Pagbilao Tourism FB Page

However, if you’re visiting during the weekend or peak season, it is better to bring your tent as there are only limited rentals. Another tip, make sure to come early to have a perfect camping spot. If you arrive a little later, like past noon, you may have difficulties looking for a place to set up your tent.

As for the comfort rooms, if you’re finicky, it is best not to stay overnight. Considering the area doesn’t have establishments, bath stalls with tarpaulin enclosures are set up near the trees to prevent peeking. There is a sari-sari store on the site where you can buy soap, shampoo, and a bucket of water for P50 if you want to take a bath. And if nature calls, a separate area is set up and charging around P5 for peeing and P10 for pooping. Nonetheless, all of the inconvenience is ideal for nature experience adventures.

Best Time to Visit

If you’re planning to explore Pagbilao, Quezon, the best time to visit is during summer, from November to April. But if you’re dying to swim inside a cave, it is ideal coming to the Kuwebang Lampas during low tide season, around 7-10 in the morning, to experience its beauty.

How to get there:

To reach Quezon’s hidden gem, ride a bus heading to Lucena Grand Terminal. Board another bus going to Unisan and get off in Padre Burgos. Then, ride a tricycle going to Aplaya and rent a boat to reach Kuwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin Beach. On the other hand, if you’re in Pagbilao town proper, you can rent a Pagbilao Wharf or Daungan to reach Puting Buhangin Beach.

And if you’re looking for a cheaper travel option, ride a jeepney at Lucena Grand Terminal heading to Brgy Polo. Once you get off, ride a tricycle and go to Kuwebang Lampas/Puting Buhanging Beach visitor’s registration area. Afterward, trek for about an hour or ride a boat to reach the location.

Entrance Fees

The entrance fee to Kuwebang Lampas and Puting Buhangin Beach cost around P100-P200 depending if day tour or overnight and P300-P500 for tent rental. A cottage is also available for rent for around P350. If you’re planning to stay for the night, it is ideal to have a personal tent, so you’ll only be paying the camping fee. There are also resorts near the area if you’re not into camping that cost around P1000 to P4000 per night.

If traveling by car and passing through the Team Energy Pagbilao Power Plant, each car charges a P100 registration fee and another P200 for the overnight parking fee. In addition, if you choose to trek, you’ll pass a private property that charges a P50 entrance fee per head.

However, before boarding a boat or trekking, ask the locals if the Kuwebang Lampas is open to tourists at the time of your visit. Since the part of the cove was closed by the authorities. Also, if you’re a budget traveler, make sure to bring everything you need since everything in the area is highly-priced.

Suggested Itinerary

Here’s a suggested itinerary for DIY travels if you’re going to Kuwebang Lampas and Putting Buhangin Beach.

  • 5:00 am- ETD Manila
  • 8:00 am- ETA Lucena Grand Terminal
  • 8:30 am- ETA Pagbilao
  • 9:00 am – ETA Brgy Polo
  • 10:00 am- ETA Kuwebang Lampas/Puting Buhangin Beach
  • 10:30 am- Set up Camp, Swim, Lunch
  • Ride a tricycle back to Pagbilao town if not staying overnight.
  • If staying for the night, explore the Kuwebang Lampas around 7:00 to 10:00 am the next day to ensure you can safely and conveniently pass on the other side.


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