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Top 12 Best Things to do in Pagbilao, Quezon

What are the best tourist spots in Pagbilao?

Bucket List: Top 10 Best Things to See and Do in Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines

Experiencing Pagbilao, Quezon would definitely be one of the most amazing things you can do in the Philippines. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and scenic tourist attractions, it’s no surprise why more and more visitors come and appreciate the dazzling beauty of Pagbilao. Besides its stunning set of attractions, Pagbilao is also famous for its fun and exciting festivals, such as the Papag at Bilao Festival and Pagbilao Harvest Festival.

Thanks to Pagbilao’s thriving agriculture industry, another thing to look forward to during your visit here is their irresistibly delicious treats and delicacies! From the iconic Laing, Pinais na Hipon, and Patis, I’m sure you will have quite a gastronomic adventure there! Well, are you ready? Check out our top 12 Best Things to do in Pagbilao, Quezon!

Discover the Iconic Kwebang Lampas

Kwebang Lampas photo by reemanflores via Flickr cc
Puting Buhangin beside Kwebang Lampas photo by reemanflores via Flickr cc

Probably the most popular tourist destination in Pagbilao is no other than the Kwebang Lampas. This majestic wonder of nature is located at Isla Pulo, where you can enjoy a whole day chilling out at a world-class white-sand beach with crystal clear waters and beautiful rock formations around.

But what makes Isla Pulo special is a magnificent cave that only shows up during the low tide, from about 7 AM to 10 AM. Kwebang Lampas is truly a magical place and a picturesque destination perfect for snapping photos for the ‘Gram!

Enjoy the White Sands of Puting Buhangin

Puting Buhangin Beach by twinkletuazon via Flickr cc
Puting Buhangin Beach by twinkletuazon via Flickr cc

Now that you’ve witnessed the breathtaking beauty of Kwebang Lampas, you should now focus your attention on the majestic beach right beside it. Puting Buhangin Beach obviously got its name for the world-class, fine, white sands of the beach facing the crystalline turquoise waters of the ocean. It’s up to you if you want to just chill out all day, go kayaking, swimming, and diving!

But one thing’s for sure, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the sunset here at Puting Buhangin. Well, better not miss it!

Visit the Majestic Katapang Falls

Make sure that you’re up for a challenge because we are now visiting the highest waterfalls in Pagbilao! That’s right, the Katapang Falls is so high that you would need to at least take pictures of its magnificent beauty in three (3) different locations to fully capture its entire height.

Despite the challenging trail waiting for you at Katapang Falls, everything would be worth it once you see the breathtaking beauty of its crystalline waters cascading through the rock formations.

Walk Along the Mesmerizing Bilaran Sandbar

Bilaran Sandbar photo via Facebook Page
Bilaran Sandbar photo via Facebook Page

Another must-visit natural wonder in Pagbilao featuring picturesque views of crystal clear waters and white sands is the Biliran Sandbar. This iconic crescent-shaped sandbar is a popular tourist spot where you can casually walk and admire nature’s beauty during the low tide. The sandbar’s unique shape is caused by the stronger currents coming from Tayabas Bay.

The sandbar is also home to marine life where small fishes, jellyfish, and starfish are nearby. The Biliran Sandbar is also a perfect spot overlooking Mount Banahaw, Pagbilao Bay, and the Pagbilao Power Plant. So, better take those magnificent pictures!

Relax at the Beautiful Kagbuho Falls

Kagbuho Falls photo via Tara na sa Lalawigan ng Quezon FB page
Kagbuho Falls photo via Tara na sa Lalawigan ng Quezon FB page

Kagbuho Falls is yet another haven for nature lovers out there. It is a hidden gem located about 7 kilometers away from the town proper. The view of the waterfalls alone is truly mesmerizing taking a picture is absolutely a must.

The trail en route to Kagbuho Falls is quite challenging, so you better level up your trekking game here. Nevertheless, once you reach the beautiful sight of Kagbuho’s crystal clear waters cascading down its rock formations, I’m sure that the only thing you’ll think about is just to jump off and take a quick dip.

Fall in Love with the Breathtaking Borawan Island

Borawan Island in Quezon Province
Borawan Island in Quezon Province

With its majestic limestone cliffs and world-class white-sand beaches, there’s no wonder why the Borawan Island of Padre Burgos, Quezon is believed to be the combination of two iconic tourist destinations in the Philippines: Boracay and Palawan.

Borawan Island is truly deserving to be a top beach destination in Quezon and the whole country. It’s not every day that you get a chance to enjoy nature’s finest creations as you swim through its crystal clear waters, chill out at its fine white sands, and admire the beautiful rock and boulder formations scattered around. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to be charmed by Borawan Island of Padre Burgos!

Be Even Closer to Nature at the Silangang Nayon Park and Resort

Silangang Nayon Park and Resort photo via FB Page
Silangang Nayon Park and Resort photo via FB Page

After all the challenging adventures that we’ve conquered in Pagbilao, it’s now time to just enjoy, relax, and feast on the best-selling Filipino-Chinese dishes of Silangang Nayon Park and Resort! Oh, and not only that. Dining here at Silangang Nayon comes with a fantastic twist. Aside from the majestic view of Tayabas Bay, Pagbilao Grande, and the mountains of Padre Garcia, visitors can also opt to dine on nipa huts floating on top of the bay itself!

The best part? Silangang Nayon also isn’t only about food. The resort also hosts fun and exciting activities such as kayaking, island-hopping, fishing, and many more. A one-stop-shop indeed!

Discover the Hidden Beauty of Hinguiwin Falls

Hinguiwin Falls photo via FB page
Hinguiwin Falls photo via FB page

Ah, the beautiful Hinguiwin Falls. Another hidden gem waiting to be discovered in Padre Burgos, Quezon. Unlike the rest of the waterfalls mentioned in this article, Hinguiwin is relatively smaller. It only has two (2) beautiful cascades running from majestic rock formations of about 15 to 20 feet high.

The glorious crystalline waters here are guaranteed to be ice cold so prepare to be refreshed if you decide to hop on! Also, keep in mind to keep the waterfalls clean because it also serves as a reservoir for the entire Barangay Hinguiwin.

Explore the Mysterious Añato Cave

Anato Cave photo via
Anato Cave photo via

Pagbilao still has some surprises up its sleeve for trekking and spelunking enthusiasts out there. The Añato Cave is a famous yet mysterious cave nestled within the forests of Barangay Añato in Pagbilao. Inside the cave, you will find perfectly preserved stalactites and stalagmites where you can find a colony of bats hanging around.

There’s also a visibly small body of water inside for you to explore. Nevertheless, tour guides are available to accompany you so don’t worry!

Cruise Along Malicboy River

Malicboy River photo via
Malicboy River photo via

Malicboy River is one of the small river streams in Pagbilao, where tourists are welcome to explore and cruise. The river is undeniably pristine, which is why you can find plenty of healthy animals and plants surrounding the area. There are also plenty of rock formations along the cascades of water, so trekking is definitely allowed here.

More than the beautiful Malicboy River, tourists really visit the Malicboy Falls located downstream. It’s a small waterfall with crystal clear cascades that are undoubtedly mesmerizing. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you!

Visit St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church

St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church photo via
St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church photo via

Another must-visit destination in Pagbilao is St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church, located in the middle of the municipality. Locals and tourists visit this church to offer prayers to St Catherine, the patron saint of young girls, students, and craftsmen working on wheels.

The parish church also has a historically significant background being originally built-in 1688. However, it was heavily damaged during World War II, in which only the iconic bell tower survived. Now that you’re here, I recommend that you go up the bell tower so you can witness the breathtaking panoramic view of Pagbilao.

Drop By Quezon National Forest Park

Bitukang Manok at Quezon National Forest Park photo via
Bitukang Manok at Quezon National Forest Park photo via

Finally, dropping by the famous Quezon National Forest Park is a fitting conclusion to our memorable trip to Pagbilao. This national park covers a wide area of 938 hectares with countless natural features such as the Bantakay Falls, Cueva Santa, Nilubugan Cave, Mount Mirador, and several more!

The park is home to the astonishingly rich biodiversity of Pagbilao, Quezon, where you can find rare species of birds, mammals, insects, and plants all at the same time. Visitors are also free to engage in fun activities here, such as camping, trekking, hiking, and more.

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